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Delamere The history of a Cheshire parish ( Including notes on the extra-parochial village of Willington)
Author: Latham F.A
Date: 1991
Call number: 942 715
Democracy and Sectarianism A Political and Social History of Liverpool 1868-1939
Author: Waller P.J
Date: 1981
Call number: 942 721 WAL
Denton and Dukinfield Halls and the archaeology of the gentry and yeoman house in North West England 1500 to 1700
Author: Nevell and Walker M & J
Date: 2000
Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Journal
Date: 1927
Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Journal
Author: Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Journal
Date: 1927
Call number: 913 4251006 DER
Description of a Roman building discovered at Caerleon
Author: Lee J.E
Date: 1850
Call number: 904 PAM(In pamphlets v 8 )
Descriptive catalogue of the collection of antiquities illustrative of Irish history exhibited in the Museum Belfast
Author: Belfast
Date: 1852
Call number: 904 PAM In pamphlets v 6
Descriptive catalogue of the London tokens current in the seventeenth century
Author: Burn J.H
Date: 1855
Call number: 737 3 BUR
Descriptive index of the contents of five MS volumes illustrative of the history of Great Britain
Author: Turner D
Date: 1851
Call number: q942 TUR
Descriptive list of the maps of Cheshire 1577-1900
Author: Whitaker H
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Descriptive list of the printed maps of Lancashire 1577-1900
Author: Whitaker Harold
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Diary and correspondence of Dr. John Worthington
Author: Worthington J
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Diary of the Reverend Henry Newcomb
Author: Newcomb Rev. H
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Dickens and Liverpool
Author: Philip T.N
Date: 1928
Call number: 942 7216 DIC
Dictionary of the first or oldest words in the English language
Author: Coleridge H
Date: 1863
Call number: 423 2 COL
Diocese of Bangor in the 16th century
Author: Pryce (Comp ) A.I
Date: 1923
Call number: 262 3094292 PRY
Direct ancestry of Jacob Wendell of Portsmouth New Hampshire
Author: Stanwood J.R
Date: 1882
Call number: 9292 WEN
Directory of Lancaster 1684
Author: Docton (Comp ) K.H
Date: 1954
Call number: 942 7205(729) LAN
Directory of Local Studies in NW
Author: Wyke & Rudyard T &N
Date: 1993
Discourse of the Warr in Lancashire
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Discourse reviewing a ministry of fifty years
Author: Neill W
Date: 1857
Call number: 904 PAM In Pamphlets v 4
Documents relating to the Priory of Penwortham and other possessions in Lancashire of Abbey of Evesham
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Documents relating to the Winkley Family
Author: Winkley W
Date: 1863
Call number: 920(72) WIN
Domesday Book Cheshire (with parts of Lancashire Cumbria and North Wales
Author: Morgan P
Date: 1978
Call number: 333 322
Domesday book for Yorkshire
Author: Faul & Stinson M&M
Date: 1986
Domesday Exhibition Guide to the Exhibition at the Public Record Office
Author: Domesday
Date: 1986
Domesday Survey of Cheshire
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Dr. Richard Formby: Founder of the Liverpool Medical School
Author: Gray T.C
Date: 2003
Duncan of Liverpool
Author: Frazer W.M
Date: 1947
Call number: 920 DUN
Dysert and District Field Club
Date: 1921
Dyserth and district field club
Author: Dyserth and district field club
Date: 1921
Early Annandale characters
Author: Gladston R
Date: 1919
Call number: 333 32 GLA
Early English Metrical Romances
Author: Robson J
Date: 1842
Early exhibitions of art in Liverpool
Author: Mayer J
Date: 1876
Call number: 709 MAY
Early naval ballads of England Interlude of the four elements
Author: Halliwell (Ed ) J.O
Date: 1841
Call number: 904 PAM In Pamphlets v 3
Early reconstruction in south Carolina
Author: Hollis J.P
Date: 1905
East Cheshire
Author: Earwalker J.P
Date: 1877
Call number: q942 71 EAR
East Riding Antiquarian Society Transactions
Author: East Riding Antiquarian Society Transactions
Date: 1893
Call number: 913 4274006 EAS
East Riding Antiqurian Society
Date: 1893
Economic History of Rossendale
Author: Tupling G.H
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Editing records for publication
Author: Hunnisett R.F
Date: 1977
Editors' sermons
Author: Russell
Date: 1901
Elizabethan Recusancy in Cheshire
Author: Wark K.R.
Date: 1971
Call number: 942 7206 CHE
Ellermans A Wealth of Shipping
Author: Taylor J
Date: 1976
Call number: 387 SELL
Enclosure records for historians
Author: Hollowell S
Date: 2000
English Church monuments 1150-1550
Author: Crossley F.H
Date: 1921
Call number: Q73176CRO
English genealogy
Author: Wagner A
Date: 1983
Call number: 929 10942 WAG
English local history
Author: Tiller K
Date: 1992
Call number: 942 TIL
English monastic boroughs
Author: Trenholme N.M
Date: 1927
Call number: q942 03 TBE
English place-name elements
Call number: 929 4 ENG

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