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Cannon or commerce? The case of the Liverpool battery, 1824-1855
Author: Partridge, Michael S.
Volume: 135 (1986-0) Pages: 83-98,

Classical monument in a gothic church. The memorial to the XVIth earl of Derby in Liverpool cathedral
Author: Thomas, John
Volume: 135 (1986-0) Pages: 117-139, illus. The Anglican cathedral.

Four eighteenth century buildings at Halton
Author: R. G. Dottie
Volume: 135 (1986-0) Pages: 37-60,

Four eighteenth-century buildings at Halton
Author: Gomme, Andor H.
Volume: 135 (1986-0) Pages: 37-59, illus.

George William Christian: a Liverpool ‘black’ in Africa (short note)
Author: J. P. Green
Volume: 135 (1986-0) Pages: 141-145,

Jeremey Shakerley (1626-1655?). Astronomy, astrology and patronage in civil war Lancashire
Author: A. Chapman
Volume: 135 (1986-0) Pages: 1-14,

Shoes and ships and sealing wax: eighteenth century Lancashire exports to the colonies
Author: M. M. Schofield
Volume: 135 (1986-0) Pages: 61-82,

The Lancashire cotton industry and the development of paid holidays in the nineteen-thirties
Author: Jones, Stephen G.
Volume: 135 (1986-0) Pages: 99-115,