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Chester diocesan records and the local historian
Author: A. T. Thacker
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 149-185, View Volume

Chester slave trading partnerships 1750-56
Author: M. M. Schofield
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 187-190, table. View Volume

Halewood township: A community in the early eighteenth century
Author: J. E. Hollinshead
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 15-36, maps, tables, graph. View Volume

John Moffat and St. Peter's church, Liverpool
Author: J. B. Gnosspelius and S. A. Harris
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 1-14, illus., map, plans. View Volume

Lancashire and the new unionism: The Unionist party and the growth of popular politics 1906-1914
Author: D. J. Dutton
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 131-138, View Volume

Liverpool in 1801: A manuscript return for the first national census of population
Author: P. Laxton
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 73-113, illus., maps, plans, tables, diag. View Volume

Manchester's first newspaper: The 'Manchester Weekly Journal'
Author: J. Black
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 61-72, View Volume

Retailing in eighteenth and early nineteenth-century Cheshire
Author: S. I. Mitchell
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 37-60, tables. Deals particularly with Macclesfield, Stockport and Chester. View Volume

The economic fortunes of a Lancashire town, 1291-1538
Author: I. Sellers
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 192-0, A note on a methodology for assessing the wealth of medieval towns. View Volume

The history of Wallasey in university theses
Author: P. S. Richards
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 190-191, View Volume

The Lancashire miners, Thomas Greenall and the Labour party, 1900-1906
Author: J. Hill
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 115-130, View Volume