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A Star Chamber case. Assheton v. Blundell, 1624-31
Author: F. Tyrer
Volume: 118 (1966-0) Pages: 19-37, illus. View Volume

A Wirral account book and notary's register, 1761-90
Author: J. E. Booth
Volume: 118 (1966-0) Pages: 77-85, Accounts of John Glegg of Irby, Cheshire. View Volume

Edward Cuthbert Woods, 1879-1966. Obituary
Author: S. A. Harris
Volume: 118 (1966-0) Pages: 139-0, View Volume

John Daniel of Daresbury, 1544-1610
Author: G. Chesters
Volume: 118 (1966-0) Pages: 1-17, John Daniel was involved with nationally important families and fell foul of the law. View Volume

Liverpool dock buildings as historical evidence
Author: F. M. Jones
Volume: 118 (1966-0) Pages: 87-103, View Volume

Richard Towneley (1629-1707), the Towneley group and seventeenth-century science
Author: C. Webster
Volume: 118 (1966-0) Pages: 51-76, illus. (incl. port.), pedigree. The portrait is of John Towneley, 1528-1608. View Volume

The St. Annes Hoard and other civil war coin hoards in Lancashire
Author: R. F. Taylor
Volume: 118 (1966-0) Pages: 39-50, illus. Includes information on Formby. View Volume