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A mid-Tudor ecclesiastical official; the curious career of George Wilmesley
Author: C. A. Haigh
Volume: 122 (1970-0) Pages: 1-24, View Volume

A watchmaker's pocket book
Author: R. A. H. Ward
Volume: 122 (1970-0) Pages: 153-157, Pocket book of Richard Wright, probably resident in or near Sankey. View Volume

Early separation of homes from work-places and the urban structure of Chorley, 1780 to 1850
Author: A. M. Warnes
Volume: 122 (1970-0) Pages: 105-135, maps, tables. View Volume

Elementary education in a Lancashire village: Winwick schools before 1870
Author: P. Andrews
Volume: 122 (1970-0) Pages: 91-104, illus. View Volume

Railway construction in mid-nineteenth century north Lancashire: A study based on the diary of James Stelfox 1855-70
Author: P. J. Gooderson
Volume: 122 (1970-0) Pages: 137-151, map, table. View Volume

The court and cellar dwelling: The eighteenth century origin of the Liverpool slum
Author: I. C. Taylor
Volume: 122 (1970-0) Pages: 67-90, illus., maps, plan, tables. View Volume

The historical demography of Warton parish before 1801
Author: R. Speake
Volume: 122 (1970-0) Pages: 43-65, map, graph, tables. View Volume

The overseas trade of Chester, 1600-1650
Author: D. M. Woodward
Volume: 122 (1970-0) Pages: 25-42, tables. View Volume