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‘Such a twin likeness there was in the pair’: an investigation into the painting of the Cholmondeley sisters
Author: John T. Hopkins
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 1-38, View Volume

Arkholme Basketmakers
Author: E. Garnett
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 0-0, View Volume

Charity, morality and social control: clerical attitudes in the diocese of Chester, 1715-1795
Author: Paul G. Green
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 207-235, View Volume

George Marchant's River Mersey barrage, 1768
Author: P. J. Sillitoe
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 329-338, map. View Volume

Shops, shopkeepers, and the working-class community: Preston, 1860-1890
Author: Z. Lawson
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 309-328, tables. View Volume

The early of Derby and the Isle of Man, 1643-1651
Author: J. R. Dickinson
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 39-76, View Volume

The emergence of supervisory elites in the nineteenth-century chemical industry in Widnes
Author: F. J. Williams
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 289-308, View Volume

The landowners and residents of four north Cheshire townships in the 1740
Author: Charles F. Foster
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 101-206, View Volume

The providential moment: church building, Methodism and evangelical entryism in Manchester, 1788-1825
Author: Henry D. Rack
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 235-260, View Volume

The Rev. Dr. J. E. N. Molesworth, vicar of Rochdale 1839-1877
Author: K. G. Bamford
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 261-288, table. View Volume

Wealth and social structure in north-western Lancashire in the later seventeenth century: a new use for probate inventories
Author: D. Riley
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 77-100, View Volume