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A proposed survey of Lancashire by Francis and Netlam Giles
Author: J. B. Harley
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 197-206, illus., map. View Volume

Backbarrow and Pennybridge furnace accounts 1763-80
Author: B. G. Awty
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 19-38, tables, graphs. View Volume

Blundell's collieries: The progress of the business
Author: D. Anderson
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 69-116, illus. (incl. ports.), maps, tables, pedigrees. Portraits are of members of the Blundell and Hollinshead families. There were several collieries, including pits at Pemberton and Orrell (Wigan). View Volume

Children's games and jingles in Lancashire about 1900
Author: A. Gaskell
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 207-223, View Volume

Crosses in Crosby and district
Author: F. Tyrer
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 225-228, View Volume

Deus nobis haec otia fecit. Some notes on Liverpool's motto
Author: S. A. Harris
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 1-17, View Volume

George Lyon - highwayman?
Author: A. Miller
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 235-241, port. The portrait is reputedly of George Lyon, born in Upholland. View Volume

Shipping and shipbuilding in the port of Chester in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
Author: R. Craig
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 39-68, tables. View Volume

The founding of an eighteenth-century newspaper: The partnership agreement of Williamson's Liverpool Advertiser
Author: J. R. Harris and B. L. Anderson
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 229-234, View Volume

The rise of public elementary education in Liverpool: Part 1, 1784-1818
Author: J. Murphy
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 167-195, illus., tables; part 2, 1819-35. 118 (1966) pp. 105-38, illus., tables. View Volume