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“A fallacy, a delusion and a snare”: arbitration and conciliation in the Preston strike, 1853-4
Author: H. I. Dutton and J. E. King
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 63-86, View Volume

Fishing stalls in the south-west Lancashire coast
Author: Sylvia A Harrop
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 160-164, View Volume

Government in perspective: Lancashire and the Privy Council, 1570-1760
Author: B. W. Quintrell
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 21-34, View Volume

Herbert the jerkin maker: a Domesday tenant identified- Short note
Author: Chris Lewis
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 159-160, View Volume

Long-distance migrant workers in nineteenth-century Britain: a case study of the St. Helen’s glassmakers
Author: J. T. Jackson
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 113-138, View Volume

Nantwich: an eleventh-century salt town and its origins
Author: J. Oxley
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 1-20, View Volume

The Birkenhead Garibaldi Riots of 1862
Author: F. Neal
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 87-112, View Volume

The Liverpool dock battalion: military intervention in the Mersey Docks, 1915-1918
Author: K. R. Grieves
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 139-158, View Volume

The population of Frodsham manor, 1349-50
Author: J. P. Dodd
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 21-33, plan, tables. View Volume