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'A stormy political career': P. J. Kelly and Irish Nationalist and Labour politics in Liverpool, 1891-1936
Author: Davies, Sam
Volume: 148 (1999-0) Pages: 147-190, View Volume

'Lord of the towne': Urban identity and culture in later Tudor and Stuart Stockport
Author: Phillips, Colin B.
Volume: 148 (1999-0) Pages: 27-58, View Volume

Roman north-west England: The process of annexation
Author: David Shotter
Volume: 148 (1999-0) Pages: 1-26, illus. View Volume

The Celtic names of Cabus, Cuerden, and Wilpshire in Lancashire
Author: Breeze, Andrew
Volume: 148 (1999-0) Pages: 191-196, View Volume

The John Lees inquest of 1819 and the Peterloo Massacre
Author: Glasgow, G. H. H.
Volume: 148 (1999-0) Pages: 95-118, View Volume

The politics of water in early and mid-Victorian Britain: The experience of Bolton
Author: John Hassan and Peter Taylor
Volume: 148 (1999-0) Pages: 119-146, View Volume

Three Byzantine coins found near the north Wirral coast in Merseyside
Author: Robert A. Philpott
Volume: 148 (1999-0) Pages: 197-202, View Volume

Watercourse management and flood prevention in the Alt level, Lancashire, 1589-1779
Author: Alison Maddock
Volume: 148 (1999-0) Pages: 59-95, illus. View Volume