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Bound for a new world: emigration of indentured servants via Liverpool to America and the West Indies, 1697-1707
Author: Doreen M. Hockedy
Volume: 144 (1995-0) Pages: 115-136, View Volume

Cheshire cheese: farming in the North-West in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Author: C. Foster
Volume: 144 (1995-0) Pages: 1-46, View Volume

Churchwarden’s accounts for Ormskirk parish,1691-1730
Author: M. J. Ockenden
Volume: 144 (1995-0) Pages: 95-114, View Volume

Death of a minister: an episode of Victorian Noconformity in the North-West
Author: Grace Shouder and P. E. H. Hair
Volume: 144 (1995-0) Pages: 153-180, View Volume

Economic change in north-east Lancashire, c. 1660-1760
Author: Suzanne Schwarz
Volume: 144 (1995-0) Pages: 47-94, View Volume

Migration from the Potteries to Alsager, 1850-1900
Author: Freda Maxfield
Volume: 144 (1995-0) Pages: 137-152, View Volume

Roger de Montbegon and his family
Author: K. S. B. Keats-Rohan
Volume: 144 (1995-0) Pages: 181-185, pedigree. View Volume