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A Liverpool shipping agent and Irish emigration in the 1850s: Some newly discovered documents
Author: M. A. Busteed
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 145-161, illus., tables, graphs. View Volume

Births and baptisms at Rostherne, 1697-1705
Author: A. J. Gautrey
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 163-164, table. View Volume

Mossland reclamation in nineteenth-century Cheshire
Author: A. D. M. Phillips
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 93-107, maps, tables. Carrington Moss. View Volume

Nineteenth-century housing in Wigan and St. Helens
Author: J. T. Jackson
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 125-143, illus., maps, plans, diags. View Volume

Professor A. R. Myers. [Obituary]
Author: C. H. Clough
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 170-171, View Volume

Regulation of alehouses in Stuart Lancashire: An example of discretionary administration of the law
Author: W. J. King
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 31-46, View Volume

The failure of the Lancashire cavaliers
Author: R. Hutton
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 47-62, View Volume

The impact of the Liverpool and Manchester railway on a south Lancashire township: Newton-le-Willows 1821-1851
Author: L. J. Smith
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 109-123, map, tables. View Volume

The land tax and West Derby hundred, 1780-1831
Author: G. J. Wilson
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 63-91, tables. Includes information on the significance of the tax for industry. View Volume

The men of Cheshire and the rebellion of 1403
Author: P. McNiven
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 1-29, View Volume

The York tour - Easter 1979
Author: H. Edwards
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 174-175, View Volume