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Churchwardens in Cheshire: Bebington parish 1602-1830
Author: P J Cox, J E Hollinshead, C M Nunn, C B Phillips
Volume: 162 (2013-0) Pages: 1-28,

Colonel Moore's Offensive Against Wirral, November 1643
Author: Tony Dyson
Volume: 162 (2013-0) Pages: 29-48,

'Democratic Principles and Aristocratic Tastes': William roscoe's Patronage and Art Collecting
Author: Dongho Chun
Volume: 162 (2013-0) Pages: 107-136,

James Kay, 'The Moral and Physical Condition of the Working Classes' (1832)
Author: Frank Emmett
Volume: 162 (2013-0) Pages: 185-219,

Landownership, Planning and Settlement Development in South-West Cheshire 1750-2000
Author: Polly Bird
Volume: 162 (2013-0) Pages: 71-106,

Laudianism in the Diocese of Chester: Revisiting the Episcopate of John Bridgeman
Author: James Mawdesley
Volume: 162 (2013-0) Pages: 221-228,

School History and Civic Education: The Orestin Guild Historical Pageant of 1922
Author: Keith Vernon
Volume: 162 (2013-0) Pages: 159-184,

The Lancashire Place Name Survey: A Work in Progress
Author: Jennifer S Holt
Volume: 162 (2013-0) Pages: 229-234,

'The Same Power that Scourged us is Now Oppressing You': The Queen Caroline Affair in North-west England
Author: Ruth Mather
Volume: 162 (2013-0) Pages: 137-158,

'The Tymes Being Soe Hard With Poore People': Poverty and the Economic Crisis of 1672-76 in Lancashire
Author: Jonathan Healey
Volume: 162 (2013-0) Pages: 49-70,