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A discourse of the warr in Lancashire Its authorship resolved?
Author: J. Malcolm Gratton
Volume: 154 (2005-0) Pages: 137-146,

Irish narratives: Liverpool in the 1930s
Author: John Davies
Volume: 154 (2005-0) Pages: 31-62,

John Holt and The general view of the agriculture of the county of Lancaster: An appraisal
Author: John Virgoe
Volume: 154 (2005-0) Pages: 93-116,

The Cheshire estates of John Tollemache of Peckforton, 1861-1872
Author: Stephen Matthews
Volume: 154 (2005-0) Pages: 117-136,

The overseas trade of the Isle of Man, 1576-1755
Author: J.R. Dickinson
Volume: 154 (2005-0) Pages: 1-30,

Three Liverpool doctors and their coronial ambitions: A historical perspective to the medico-legal conflicts surrounding the elections of 1837, 1867 and 1891
Author: G. H. H. Glasgow
Volume: 154 (2005-0) Pages: 0-0,