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A new painting of Liverpool: A Prospect of Liverpool about 1725
Author: Anthony Tibbles
Volume: 152 (2003-0) Pages: 21-26,

'Friends of the Union': Liverpool, Ulster, and Home Rule 1910-1914
Author: Dan Jackson
Volume: 152 (2003-0) Pages: 101-132,

Masters of tidology: The cultivation of the physical sciences in early Victorian Liverpool
Author: Michael S. Reidy
Volume: 152 (2003-0) Pages: 51-78,

Thomas Fleetwood and the draining of Martin Mere
Author: John Virgoe
Volume: 152 (2003-0) Pages: 27-50,

Thomas Fulljames: Am almost-forgotten Gloucestershire architect, and his work in Lancashire and Cheshire
Author: Brian Carne & Martin J. Crossley Evans
Volume: 152 (2003-0) Pages: 133-152,

Understanding the Heysham hogback: A tenth-century sculpted stone monument and its context
Author: Thor Ewing
Volume: 152 (2003-0) Pages: 1-20,

Who's to pay? Cheshire attitudes towards paying for the cattle plague of 1865-1866
Author: Stephen Matthews
Volume: 152 (2003-0) Pages: 79-100,