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Correspondence relating to the appointment of a churchwarden at Leyland 1714
Author: Miller, G. C.
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 192-193, Involves Sir Henry Hoghton and Thomas Armetriding. View Volume

Excavations of the castle ditch, Eddisbury, 1935-1938
Author: Varley, W. J.
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 1-68, illus., maps, plans, diags. View Volume

Lancashire justices of the peace in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
Author: Somerville, Robert
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 183-189, View Volume

Mathews, Godfrey W.
Author: Jones, Thomas Lloyd see Lloyd-Jones, Thomas.
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 196-0, View Volume

Note on William Hutchinson
Author: Dickinson, R.
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 194-0, William Hutchinson was a Liverpool privateer and dockmaster. View Volume

Robert Adam (1728-1792), architect, and Woolton Hall, Liverpool. With appendix by R. S. France: The conveyance of Woolton Hall, 1771.
Author: Harris, Stanley A.
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 161-181, illus., port. View Volume

'Saying it in rhyme - in the olden time'
Author: Lea, Anita
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 195-0, Verses about Liverpool Institute and Harthill in Cheshire. View Volume

Some instructions to the parish clerk at Preston
Author: Sir Henry Hoghton, bart., 1758, by G. C. Miller
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 190-191, View Volume

The head port of Chester; and Liverpool, its creek and member
Author: Jarvis, Rupert C.
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 69-84, View Volume

The lesser chapels of Cheshire. Part 1: The church of St. Peter, Aston by Sutton; the chapel of St. George, Carrington; the chapel at Lyme Hall, Disley, Cheshire; the chapel of All Saints, Somerford
Author: Richards, Raymond
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 115-160, illus. View Volume

The official attitude towards the sick poor in seventeenth-century Lancashire
Author: Fessler, Alfred
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 85-113, View Volume