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1888, Boston Athenaeum and Liverpool Athenaeum: The Historic Society and overseas members
Author: J. E. Hollinshead
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 161-167, Boston Athenaeum and Liverpool Athenaeum: The Historic Society and overseas members, by J. E. Hollinshead. 137 (1988) pp. 161-7. View Volume

A nonconformist missionary journey to Lancashire and Cheshire in July 1672
Author: B. Cottle and M. J. C. Evans
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 77-91, Based on the diary of Henry Maurice, a nonconformist minister. Similar diaries are briefly discussed. View Volume

Brian Ernest Harris. [Obituary]
Author: A. Thacker
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 173-0, View Volume

Chester's mystery cycle and the 'mystery' of the past
Author: A. D. Mills
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 1-23, View Volume

Landlord control and motivation in the parliamentary enclosure of St. Mary's-on-the-hill parish, Chester
Author: P. J. W. Higson
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 93-116, illus., maps. Eaton Hall is illustrated. View Volume

Laud, Wentworth and the Bridgeman case
Author: B.W. Quintrell
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 155-160, John Bridgeman, bishop of Chester. View Volume

The Cheshire landholdings of earl Morcar in 1066
Author: N. J. Higham
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 139-147, View Volume

The earl of Derby's Catholic army
Author: J. M. Gratton
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 25-53, tables. Soldiers during the civil war. View Volume

The first Liverpool men in west Africa?
Author: P.E.H. Hair
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 149-153, Discusses the will of Nicholas Bray, and evidence that he was a 16th century Liverpool mariner. View Volume

The great rebuilding and economic change in South Lonsdale 1600-1730
Author: M. E. Garnett
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 55-75, map, tables, diags. View Volume

'The means of cleanliness'. The provision of baths and wash-houses in early Victorian Liverpool
Author: J. Calvert
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 117-136, illus., plans, table. View Volume