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Clio, culture and the city: Historical societies in their nineteenth-century urban context
Author: M. E. Rose
Volume: 147 (1998-0) Pages: 139-152, View Volume

Liverpool and Africa during the nineteenth century: The continuing connection
Author: M. Lynn
Volume: 147 (1998-0) Pages: 27-54, View Volume

Liverpool in 1848: Image, identity and issues
Author: J. Belchem
Volume: 147 (1998-0) Pages: 1-26, View Volume

'Local history' and the culture of the middle classes in north-west England, c1840-1900
Author: Kidd, Alan J.
Volume: 147 (1998-0) Pages: 115-138, View Volume

Provincial internationalism: Contemporary foreign art in nineteenth-century Liverpool and Manchester
Author: E. Morris
Volume: 147 (1998-0) Pages: 81-113, illus. View Volume

The cultural identity of Liverpool, 1790-1850: The early learned societies
Author: A. Wilson
Volume: 147 (1998-0) Pages: 55-80, View Volume