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'A mad hatter contest from beginning to end': Randolph Churchill and the Wavertree by-election, February 1935
Author: D. Dutton
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 179-202, View Volume

Chandler, George
Author: Brown, Ronald Stewart see Stewart-Brown, Ronald
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 226-227, View Volume

Eunice Schofield, 1914-1992. [Obituary]
Author: Power, Michael J.
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 227-228, View Volume

George Chandler, 1915-1992. [Obituary]
Author: Carrick, Neville
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 226-227, View Volume

'Not inferiour to any in this part of our kingdom': Woolton Academy and the English career of the Reverend Bartholomew Booth, schoolmaster
Author: M. Whitehead
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 19-53, View Volume

Pointers towards the structure of agriculture in Handbridge and Claverton prior to parliamentary enclosure
Author: Higson, Philip J. Willoughby
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 55-86, View Volume

Recent finds of Roman coins in Lancashire
Author: D. Shotter
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 203-6, Second report. 143 (1994) pp. 221-5; Third report. 145 (1996) pp. 197-202; Fourth report. 146 (1997) pp. 183-7. View Volume

Schofield, Eunice
Author: Jones, Thomas Lloyd see Lloyd-Jones, Thomas.
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 227-228, View Volume

Tenure by drengage in Lancashire, 1212-1348
Author: M. A. Atkin
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 207-210, View Volume

The Accrington poetess: The life and work of Miss Janie Whittaker (1877-1933)
Author: A. B. Cottle and M. J. C. Evans
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 121-154, illus. (incl. ports.). View Volume

The formation of the Gallery of Art in the Liverpool Royal Institution, 1816-1819
Author: E. Morris
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 87-98, View Volume

The Vale Royal Company and its rivals
Author: P. W. King
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 1-18, View Volume

The White Church, Fairhaven: An artist trader's Protestant Byzantium
Author: C. G. Binfield
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 155-177, View Volume

Trade and politics in 19th century Liverpool: The Tobin and Horsfall families and Liverpool's African trade
Author: M. Lynn
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 99-120, View Volume

Whittaker, Janie
Author: Brown, Ronald Stewart see Stewart-Brown, Ronald.
Volume: 142 (1993-0) Pages: 121-154, View Volume