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Holst and Vaughan Williams manuscripts at Liverpool cathedral
Author: Judith Blezzard
Volume: 139 (1990-0) Pages: 161-187, illus. The Anglican cathedral. View Volume

Mid nineteenthc-century Ormskirk: disease, over-crowding and the Irish in a Lancashire market town
Author: Audrey P. Coney
Volume: 139 (1990-0) Pages: 0-0, View Volume

Nantwich and Wybunbury, 1680-1819: a demographic study of two Cheshire parishes
Author: Grace M. Wyatt
Volume: 139 (1990-0) Pages: 1-30, View Volume

Parliament, the Peerage & Weaver Navigation Bills 1719-20
Author: C. Jones
Volume: 139 (1990-0) Pages: 0-0, View Volume

Quarter sessions in Lancashire in the middle of the eighteenth century: the court in session and its records
Author: Peter Taylor
Volume: 139 (1990-0) Pages: 73-82, View Volume

Settlement of university men in great towns: University settlements in Manchester and Liverpool
Author: M. E. Rose
Volume: 139 (1990-0) Pages: 137-160, The university settlements' founders aimed to settle the educated, privileged youth among urban poor. View Volume

The Liverpool chamber of commerce and the Burma-China railway
Author: J. Davies
Volume: 139 (1990-0) Pages: 113-136, map. View Volume