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Lancashire Fenianism, 1864-71
Author: W. J. Lowe
Volume: 126 (1977-0) Pages: 156-185, View Volume

The campaign in Lancashire and Cheshire for the repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts, 1787-1790
Author: G. M. Ditchfield
Volume: 126 (1977-0) Pages: 109-138, View Volume

The Catholic and Protestant gentry of Lancashire during the civil war period
Author: B. G. Blackwood
Volume: 126 (1977-0) Pages: 1-29, tables. View Volume

The flax merchants of Kirkham
Author: F. J. Singleton
Volume: 126 (1977-0) Pages: 73-108, illus., maps, pedigrees. Includes information on the Birley family. View Volume

The marketing of agricultural produce in Cheshire during the 19th century
Author: R. E. Porter
Volume: 126 (1977-0) Pages: 139-155, maps. View Volume

The slave trade from Lancashire and Cheshire ports outside Liverpool c1750-c1790
Author: M. M. Schofield
Volume: 126 (1977-0) Pages: 30-72, tables. View Volume