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A new wife for Edward, 3rd earl of Derby
Author: E. Zevin
Volume: 134 (1985-0) Pages: 1-16, View Volume

Katharine and Philip Henry and their children: a case study in family ideology
Author: Patricia Crawford
Volume: 134 (1985-0) Pages: 38-74, View Volume

Property, employment and the co-operative movement: The social structure of co-operation in Sabden, 1923
Author: J. Smith and J. K. Walton
Volume: 134 (1985-0) Pages: 129-149, illus., tables. View Volume

The blues and the reds
Author: T. Mason
Volume: 134 (1985-0) Pages: 107-128, illus. Liverpool football. View Volume

The military career of Richard, Lord Molyneux, c. 1623-54
Author: J. M. Gratton
Volume: 134 (1985-0) Pages: 17-38, View Volume

Widnes and the early chemical industry, 1847-71: a case study of occupational mobility in the industrial revolution
Author: F. J. Williams
Volume: 134 (1985-0) Pages: 89-106, View Volume

William Billington: Cotton operative, teacher and poet
Author: M. I. Watson
Volume: 134 (1985-0) Pages: 75-88, William Billington of Blackburn. View Volume