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Duncan and the cholera test: Public health in mid nineteenth century Liverpool
Author: G. Kearns, P. Laxton and J. Campbell
Volume: 143 (1994-0) Pages: 87-115, tables, diag. View Volume

Health and society on Merseyside: Some historical perspectives
Author: G. Kearns and S. Sheard
Volume: 143 (1994-0) Pages: 85-86, Introductory note to following papers. View Volume

Housing and health in Liverpool, 1870-1940
Author: C. G. Pooley and S. Irish
Volume: 143 (1994-0) Pages: 193-219, maps, tables. View Volume

Sir James Whitelocke, chief justice of Chester 1620-1624
Author: D. X. Powell
Volume: 143 (1994-0) Pages: 1-34, View Volume

The development of municipal infant welfare services in St. Helens, 1868-1914
Author: R. A. Hawes
Volume: 143 (1994-0) Pages: 165-191, tables. View Volume

Water and health: The formation and exploitation of the relationship in Liverpool, 1847-1900
Author: S. Sheard
Volume: 143 (1994-0) Pages: 141-163, View Volume