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Dock Labour at Liverpool: occupational structure and working conditions in the late-nineteenth century
Author: E. L. Taplin
Volume: 127 (1978-0) Pages: 133-154, View Volume

Poulton-le-Fylde: a nineteenth-century market town
Author: D. Foster
Volume: 127 (1978-0) Pages: 91-108, View Volume

The Lowthers of Holker: marriage, inheritance and debt in the fortunes of an eighteenth-century landholding family
Author: J. V. Beckett
Volume: 127 (1978-0) Pages: 47-64, View Volume

The Parish of Chipping during the eventeenth century
Author: Christine Ironfield
Volume: 127 (1978-0) Pages: 25-46, View Volume

The structure of politics in Liverpool, 1780-1807
Author: F. E. Sanderson
Volume: 127 (1978-0) Pages: 65-91, View Volume

Waste Land reclamation in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries: the case of south-eastern Bowland, 1550-1630
Author: John Porter
Volume: 127 (1978-0) Pages: 1-24, View Volume

Working-class housing in Barrow and Lancaster 1880-1930
Author: E. Roberts
Volume: 127 (1978-0) Pages: 109-132, tables. View Volume