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Bibliographical essay. Liverpool and the slave trade: A guide to sources
Author: F. E. Sanderson
Volume: 124 (1972-0) Pages: 154-176, View Volume

R. Challinor & P. F. Clarke, The Lancashire and Cheshire Miners. Lancashire and the New Liberalism
Author: J. Lea (Review article)
Volume: 124 (1972-0) Pages: 0-0, View Volume

The first scheme for docks at Birkenhead and the proposed canal across Wirral
Author: W. R. S. McIntyre
Volume: 124 (1972-0) Pages: 108-127, maps. View Volume

The freeman voter in Liverpool, 1802-1835
Author: E. M. Menzies
Volume: 124 (1972-0) Pages: 85-107, View Volume

The growth of the Baptist denomination in mid-Victorian Lancashire and Cheshire
Author: J. Lea
Volume: 124 (1972-0) Pages: 128-153, map, tables, graphs. View Volume

The Lancashire and Cheshire clergy 1379
Author: M. J. Bennett
Volume: 124 (1972-0) Pages: 1-30, Includes the text of the clerical poll tax returns for the archdeaconry of Chester, 1379. View Volume

The Liverpool Delegates and Sir William Dolben’s Bill
Author: F. E. Sanderson
Volume: 124 (1972-0) Pages: 57-84, View Volume

The politics of Liverpool 1660-88
Author: M. Mullett
Volume: 124 (1972-0) Pages: 31-56, View Volume