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J. J. Bagley: An appreciation
Author: Kermode, Jenny I.
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 0-0, [4p.; unpaged preliminaries], port. The portrait is of J. J. Bagley, and a list of his writings is included in the article View Volume

Lancashire ills, the king's will and the troubling of bishop Bridgeman
Author: B. W. Quintrell
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 67-102, View Volume

Parties and issues in the civil war in Lancashire
Author: B. G. Blackwood
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 103-126, maps. View Volume

Plague in perspective: The case of Manchester in 1605
Author: T. S. Willan
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 29-40, diag. View Volume

The Commission of the Peace in Lancashire, 1603-1642
Author: D. J. Wilkinson
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 41-66, tables. View Volume

The Lancashire militia, 1660-1688
Author: D. P. Carter
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 155-181, table. View Volume

The recusant riots at Childwall in May 1600: A reappraisal
Author: R. G. Dottie
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 1-28, View Volume

The social and political position of the earls of Derby in later seventeenth-century Lancashire
Author: B. Coward
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 127-154, View Volume