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Accumulation and aspirations among the 'parish gentry': Economic strategies and social identity in a Pennine family, 1650-1780
Author: H.R. French
Volume: 149 (2000-0) Pages: 19-50, illus.

Creating a port: Liverpool, 1695-1715
Author: Michael Power
Volume: 149 (2000-0) Pages: 51-72,

The Irish in Ashton-under-Lyne in the 1860s
Author: Daniel Osgood
Volume: 149 (2000-0) Pages: 145-172,

The Liverpool cotton market: Britain's first futures market
Author: Nigel Hall
Volume: 149 (2000-0) Pages: 99-118,

'The pride of my publick life': George Canning and the representation of Liverpool, 1812-1823
Author: Stephen M. Lee
Volume: 149 (2000-0) Pages: 73-98,

The widowhood of Alice Spencer, countess dowager of Derby, 1594-1636
Author: Katharine Walker
Volume: 149 (2000-0) Pages: 1-18, illus.

'This is truly the golden harvest': Personal accounts of Cheshire migrants to Australia, c. 1852-1860
Author: Suzanne Schwarz
Volume: 149 (2000-0) Pages: 119-144,