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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

A Lancashire Clerical Family in the Sixteenth and Seventeenthc Centuries
Author: Cunliffe Shaw, R.,
Volume: 115 (1964-0) Pages: 41-64, View Volume

A Lancaster grammar school master
Volume: 72 (1920-0) Pages: 73-74, View Volume

A Lancaster vintner's bill. In Lancaster jottings. [3]
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 159-167, The vintner was William Braythwayt. View Volume

A Proposed Survey of Lancashire
Author: Giles, Francis and Netlam
Volume: 116 (1965-0) Pages: 197-206, View Volume

An early recorder of Lancaster. In Stray notes
Volume: 64 (1912-0) Pages: 324-0, View Volume

Bradshaw of Scale Hall near Lancaster. In Stray notes
Volume: 77 (1925-0) Pages: 157-0, View Volume

Early mayors of Lancaster
Volume: 63 (1911-0) Pages: 174-177, illus. View Volume

John Brockbank of Lancaster:\r\nShipbuilder and Entrepreneur
Author: Skidmore, Peter
Volume: 160 (2011-0) Pages: 55-65,

John Holt and The general view of the agriculture of the county of Lancaster: An appraisal
Author: John Virgoe
Volume: 154 (2005-0) Pages: 93-116,

Lancaster 1684
Author: K. H. Docton
Volume: 109 (1957-0) Pages: 125-142, maps. Includes list of inhabitants' names. View Volume

Lancaster becomes a city, 1937
Author: Becket, John
Volume: 157 (2008-0) Pages: 149-156,

Lancaster castle
Author: E. W. Cox
Volume: 48 (1896-0) Pages: 95-122, illus., plans. View Volume

Lancaster jottings. [1]
Volume: 65 (1913-0) Pages: 190-193, illus; [2] 66 (1914) pp. 265-71, illus., plan; [3] 67 (1915) pp. 159-67; [4] 69 (1917) pp. 91-6; [5] 73 (1921) pp. 189-214. View Volume

Lancaster parish church. In Stray notes
Volume: 63 (1911-0) Pages: 223-0, View Volume

Monasteries and settlement in Norman Lancashire: Unpublished charters of Roger the Poitevin
Author: K. Thompson
Volume: 140 (1991-0) Pages: 201-225, Includes transcripts of charters of St. Martin's of Sees relating to the church of St. Mary of Lancaster. View Volume

Palatinate administration and local society in the palatinate of Lancashire under the Lancastrian kings, 1399-1461
Author: Martinez, A. J. Jnr
Volume: 156 (2007-0) Pages: 1-26,

Report [of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire] for the year 1928
Volume: 80 (1928-0) Pages: 221-228, illus., table. Includes reports on the excavation of a Roman site at Lancaster. View Volume

Report [of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Chesire] for the year 1929
Volume: 81 (1929-0) Pages: 249-254, table. Includes information on Lancaster Museum excavations. View Volume

Roman Lancaster
Author: W. T. Watkin
Volume: 28 (1875-1876) Pages: 95-120, illus. View Volume

The charters of Lancaster
Author: W. O. Roper
Volume: 35 (1883-0) Pages: 1-14, Borough charters. View Volume

The Influence of Geographical Factors on the Development of the Common Fields of Lancashire
Author: Singleton, F. J.,
Volume: 115 (1964-0) Pages: 31-40, View Volume

The letter book of Benjamin Satterthwaite of Lancaster, 1737-1744
Author: M. M. Schofield
Volume: 113 (1961-0) Pages: 125-167, pedigrees. Relates to trading between Lancaster and Barbados. View Volume

The oversands route between Lancaster and Ulverston
Author: E. C. Woods
Volume: 87 (1935-0) Pages: 1-21, illus., map. View Volume

Working-class housing in Barrow and Lancaster 1880-1930
Author: E. Roberts
Volume: 127 (1978-0) Pages: 109-132, tables. View Volume