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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

A Lancashire charm, in cypher, against witchcraft and evil spirits
Author: Harland, John
Volume: 4 (1851-1852) Pages: 81-85, illus. Found at West Bradford, near Clitheroe. View Volume

Account of the grant of free warren, by Henry III, to Thomas Gresley, sixth baron of Manchester
Author: Harland, John
Volume: 4 (1851-1852) Pages: 44-56, View Volume

An essay on songs and ballads; illustrated by examples from Shakespeare, and those current in Lancashire
Author: J. Harland and T. T. Wilkinson
Volume: 23 (1870-1871) Pages: 87-118, View Volume

On a charter of feoffment of Gorton, by Thomas la Warr, clerk, 12th Baron of Manchester, to Thomas [Longley] bishop of Durham, and others. Dated 20th May, 10th Henry V, [A.D. 1422]
Author: J. Harland
Volume: 2 (1849-1850) Pages: 19-22, View Volume

Some account of a curious astronomical, astrological, and medical ms. in the Chetham Library, Manchester. With additions by William E. Axon
Author: Harland, John
Volume: 29 (1876-1877) Pages: 1-8, illus. View Volume