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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

[Lydiate Hall]. Description of Lydiate Hall
Author: W. J. Roberts
Volume: 3 (1850-1851) Pages: 78-83, illus. View Volume

[Mains Hall]. An account of Mains Hall, near Poulton, the hiding-place of Cardinal Allen, in the time of Queen Elizabeth
Author: Rev. W. Thornber
Volume: 5 (1852-1853) Pages: 159-170, illus. Poulton-le-Fylde. View Volume

[Micklehead Hall]. [Deed exhibited, between Sir Cuthbert Halsall of Halsall and John Barnes of Sutton (St. Helens) regarding Micklehead Hall, Sutton]
Author: R. Brooke
Volume: 1 (1848-1849) Pages: 30-0, View Volume

[Moreton Old Hall]. Little Moreton Hall. In Stray notes.
Author: G[odfrey] W. M[athews]
Volume: 90 (1938-0) Pages: 215-216, front. View Volume

[New Hall]. Lancaster jottings. 5
Volume: 73 (1921-0) Pages: 189-214, View Volume

[Newton Hall]. Warrington local sketches
Author: J. Kendrick. [Part 2]
Volume: 29 (1876-1877) Pages: 33-42, front. Includes information on Newton Hall (Newton-le-Willows). View Volume

[North Meols Hall]. Notes on North Meols
Author: F. H. Cheetham
Volume: 76 (1924-0) Pages: 71-90, illus., plan. Includes information on North Meols Hall and dove house. View Volume

[Ordsall Hall]. Obits of the Radcliffes of Ordsall
Volume: 64 (1912-0) Pages: 265-267, illus. View Volume

[Poole Hall]. The Poole family of Poole Hall in Wirral
Author: M. E. Poole
Volume: 52 (1900-0) Pages: 165-216, illus. View Volume

[Rivington Hall]. Letters relating to Lancashire and Cheshire; - temp. James I, Charles I and Charles II
Author: T. D. Hibbert.
Volume: 4 (1851-1852) Pages: 189-198, Letters found at Rivington Hall. View Volume

[Rufford Old Hall]. The Hesketh deeds at Rufford Old Hall, [by F. H. Cheetham]. In Stray notes.
Author: F. H. Cheetham
Volume: 89 (1937-0) Pages: 152-153, View Volume

[Samlesbury Hall]. An account of the ancient hall of Samlesbury, near Preston
Author: A. Rimmer
Volume: 4 (1851-1852) Pages: 33-39, illus. View Volume

[Scale Hall]. Bradshaw of Scale Hall near Lancaster. In Stray notes.
Volume: 77 (1925-0) Pages: 157-0, View Volume

[Scarisbrick Hall]. Two inventories at Scarisbrick Hall, Ormskirk, 1608 and 1673
Author: F. H. Cheetham
Volume: 89 (1937-0) Pages: 123-138, illus. View Volume

[Shaw Hill]. Schedule of deeds and documents, the property of Colonel Thomas Richard Crosse, preserved in the muniment room at Shaw Hill, Chorley, in the county of Lancaster [Part 1]
Author: R. D. Radcliffe
Volume: 41 (1889-0) Pages: 208-26, [Part 2] 42 (1890) pp. 275-95; [Part 3] 43-4 (1891-2) pp. 330-52; [Part 4] 45 (1893) pp. 221-40. View Volume

[Speke Hall]. A memoir on the Lancashire house of Le Noreis or Norres, and on its Speke branch in particular, etc., with notices of its connexion with military transactions at Flodden, Edinburgh, and Musselburgh
Volume: 2 (1849-1850) Pages: 138-182, illus. View Volume

[Stand Hall]. The early history of the Lancashire family of Pilkington, and its branches, from 1066 to 1600
Author: Lieut.-Colonel J. Pilkington
Volume: 45 (1893-0) Pages: 159-218, illus. (incl. port.), pedigree. Includes information on Stand Hall. View Volume

[Swarthmoor Hall]. Sale of Swarthmoor Hall. In Stray notes.
Volume: 64 (1912-0) Pages: 323-0, View Volume

[Thurnham Hall]. Cockersand chapter-house.
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 86-123, illus., diags., pedigree, by Rev. W. A. Wickham. Includes an illustration of Thurnham Hall. View Volume

[Tranmere Hall]. On the old halls of Cheshire. No. 1. Tranmere Hall
Author: J. Mayer
Volume: 3 (1850-1851) Pages: 107-111, illus. View Volume

[Twemlow Hall]. The tumuli at Twemlow Hall, Cheshire
Author: J. W. Walker
Volume: 91 (1939-0) Pages: 205-206, plan. View Volume

A Speke inventory of 1624
Author: E. B. Saxton
Volume: 97 (1945-0) Pages: 107-143, illus. View Volume

Lydiate Hall, near Ormskirk, Lancashire
Author: H. Taylor. [With a note by Edward W. Cox]
Volume: 46 (1894-0) Pages: 107-122, front., plan.

Martin Hall, Burscough
Author: J. Bailey
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 141-143, illus. View Volume

Old Moreton Hall, and its present owners. [With a supplementary paper] The plans of Moreton Old Hall.
Author: R. Head
Volume: 47 (1895-0) Pages: 1-20, illus., plans. The plans are drawn by Henry Taylor. View Volume

Sellet Hall estate. In Stray notes.
Volume: 77 (1925-0) Pages: 155-0, View Volume

Speke Hall
Author: H. Winstanley
Volume: 71 (1919-0) Pages: 1-20, illus. View Volume

Speke Hall and two Norris inventories, 1624 and 1700
Author: E. B. Saxton
Volume: 96 (1944-0) Pages: 108-135, illus. View Volume

The Daltons of Thurnham
Author: W. O. Roper
Volume: 42 (1890-0) Pages: 97-124, illus., pedigree. View Volume

The Tower of Liverpool. With some notes on the Clayton family of Crooke, Fulwood, Adlington and Liverpool
Author: R. Stewart-Brown
Volume: 61 (1909-0) Pages: 41-82, plan. View Volume