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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

[Evidence of woodland found in excavations in Liverpool]
Author: Mr. Stonehouse
Volume: 2 (1849-1850) Pages: 213-214, View Volume

Author: F. O. Blundell
Volume: 75 (1923-0) Pages: 203-207, illus. View Volume

Geographical notes of expeditions in central Africa
Author: three Dutch ladies, by J. A. Tinne
Volume: 16 (1863-1864) Pages: 107-148, maps. View Volume

On some oriental geographers
Author: F. Boyle
Volume: 21 (1868-1869) Pages: 181-198, View Volume

Ptolemy's geography of the coast from Carnarvon to Cumberland
Author: T. G. Rylands
Volume: 30 (1877-1878) Pages: 81-92, map, diag. View Volume

Regional structure and the urban system: North-west England, 1700-1760
Author: J. Stobart
Volume: 145 (1996-0) Pages: 45-73, maps, diag., tables. View Volume

The influence of geographical factors on the development of the common fields of Lancashire
Author: F. J. Singleton
Volume: 115 (1963-0) Pages: 31-40, maps, diag. View Volume

The map-history of the coast from the Dee to the Duddon. A search for the Belisama of Horsley
Author: T. G. Rylands
Volume: 31 (1878-1879) Pages: 83-96, maps, tables. View Volume

The sites of ancient villages in Wirral
Author: E. H. Rideout
Volume: 77 (1925-0) Pages: 54-69, maps. View Volume

Wirral watersheds and river systems and their influence on local history
Author: E. H. Rideout
Volume: 74 (1922-0) Pages: 93-127, maps. View Volume