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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Every-day life of a country gentleman of Cheshire in the 17th century: As shewn in the private expenditure journal of Colonel Henry Bradshaw, of Marple and Wybersleigh
Author: A. C. Gibson
Volume: 15 (1862-1863) Pages: 67-92,

Household inventories of the Lancashire gentry, 1550-1700
Author: O. Ashmore
Volume: 110 (1958-0) Pages: 59-105, illus. View Volume

Notice of certain documents, illustrative of the revolution of 1688
Author: Sir E. Cust
Volume: 5 (1852-1853) Pages: 74-83, View Volume

Parties and issues in the civil war in Lancashire
Author: B. G. Blackwood
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 103-126, maps. View Volume

Sir Hugh de Calvylegh. In Stray notes
Volume: 77 (1925-0) Pages: 155-156, View Volume

The Catholic and Protestant gentry of Lancashire during the civil war period
Author: B. G. Blackwood
Volume: 126 (1977-0) Pages: 1-29, tables. View Volume

The earl of Derby's Catholic army
Author: J. M. Gratton
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 25-53, tables. Soldiers during the civil war. View Volume