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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

A criminal profile of the Liverpool Irish
Author: F. Neal
Volume: 140 (1991-0) Pages: 161-199, tables. View Volume

A scene in court. In Stray notes
Volume: 75 (1923-0) Pages: 261-0, Sentence of mutilation on convict James Williamson, 1633. View Volume

Archaeology in the Mersey district, 1870
Author: H. E. Smith
Volume: 23 (1870-1871) Pages: 119-152, illus. Includes information on a scourge from Garston. View Volume

Cuckstool at Marton
Author: R. S. F[rance]. In Stray notes
Volume: 90 (1938-0) Pages: 216-0, View Volume

John Daniel of Daresbury, 1544-1610
Author: G. Chesters
Volume: 118 (1966-0) Pages: 1-17, John Daniel was involved with nationally important families and fell foul of the law. View Volume

On a grotesque mask of punishment obtained in the castle of Nuremberg
Author: F. W. Fairholt
Volume: 7 (1854-1855) Pages: 61-64, illus. View Volume

On the powder-proof solid lock, and safe door. [Summary]
Author: W. Milner
Volume: 7 (1854-1855) Pages: 8-9, View Volume

The imprisonment of Eleanor Cobham, duchess of Gloucester
Author: R. Stewart-Brown
Volume: 85 (1933-0) Pages: 89-97, Eleanor Cobham, tried for witchcraft, heresy and treason, was probably imprisoned, among other places, at Chester, Liverpool, Flint Castle and the Isle of Man. View Volume