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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

A business journey from Orkney to Liverpool in 1789
Author: R. B. Mooney
Volume: 121 (1969-0) Pages: 47-58, illus. The journey was made by George Omond, a Scottish merchant. View Volume

A Lancaster vintner's bill. In Lancaster jottings. [3]
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 159-167, The vintner was William Braythwayt. View Volume

'A pretended voyage to America'
Author: E. Rideout
Volume: 81 (1929-0) Pages: 54-61, Letter from Christopher Carlile to the mayor and citizens of Chester regarding a proposed voyage. View Volume

Commerce of the medial east
Author: J. Locke
Volume: 9 (1856-1857) Pages: 119-126, maps. View Volume

Creating a port: Liverpool, 1695-1715
Author: Michael Power
Volume: 149 (2000-0) Pages: 51-72,

John Bolton, a Liverpool merchant, 1756-1837
Author: G. W. Mathews
Volume: 93 (1941-0) Pages: 98-115, port. John Bolton was a native of Ulverston. View Volume

Lancashire shipping in the 18th century: The rise of a seafaring family
Author: M. M. Schofield
Volume: 140 (1991-0) Pages: 1-31, tables, pedigree. The Goad family of north Lancashire. The family traded through Liverpool and other Lancashire ports. View Volume

Liverpool and Africa during the nineteenth century: The continuing connection
Author: M. Lynn
Volume: 147 (1998-0) Pages: 27-54, View Volume

Shipping and shipbuilding in the port of Chester in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
Author: R. Craig
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 39-68, tables. View Volume

Shops, shopkeepers, and the working-class community: Preston, 1860-1890
Author: Z. Lawson
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 309-328, tables. View Volume

Sir Thomas Johnson: His impecuniosity and death
Author: A. C. Wardle
Volume: 90 (1938-0) Pages: 181-195, Thomas Johnson was a Liverpool merchant and M. P. View Volume

Some aspects of the trade and shipping of the River Dee in the eighteenth century
Author: R. Craig
Volume: 114 (1962-0) Pages: 99-128, tables. View Volume

The Alabama and the law
Author: R. C. Jarvis
Volume: 111 (1959-0) Pages: 181-198, illus. View Volume

The American Chamber of Commerce for the port of Liverpool, 1801-1908
Author: W. O. Henderson
Volume: 85 (1933-0) Pages: 1-61, port. View Volume

The charter companies and the Old Quay
Author: E. Rideout
Volume: 79 (1927-0) Pages: 141-174, illus., plans. View Volume

The Earle collection: Records of a Liverpool family of merchants and shipowners
Author: D. Littler
Volume: 146 (1997-0) Pages: 93-106, Papers at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. View Volume

The episode of the Irish beef
Author: E. H. Rideout
Volume: 84 (1932-0) Pages: 1-9, Control of cattle imports in the 17th and 18th centuries. View Volume

The letter book of Benjamin Satterthwaite of Lancaster, 1737-1744
Author: M. M. Schofield
Volume: 113 (1961-0) Pages: 125-167, pedigrees. Relates to trading between Lancaster and Barbados. View Volume

The Liverpool chamber of commerce and the Burma-China railway
Author: J. Davies
Volume: 139 (1990-0) Pages: 113-136, map. View Volume

The Liverpool cotton market: Britain's first futures market
Author: Nigel Hall
Volume: 149 (2000-0) Pages: 99-118,

The overseas trade of Chester in the early seventeenth century
Author: W. B. Stephens
Volume: 120 (1968-0) Pages: 23-34, tables. View Volume

The overseas trade of Chester, 1600-1650
Author: D. M. Woodward
Volume: 122 (1970-0) Pages: 25-42, tables. View Volume

Two fifteenth-century kinsmen. John Shaw of Dukinfield, mercer, and William Shaw of Heath Charnock, surgeon
Author: R. C. Shaw
Volume: 110 (1958-0) Pages: 15-30, illus. View Volume

Wealth creation, ethics and education: The career of Joseph Valens of Liverpool
Author: M. Whitehead
Volume: 145 (1996-0) Pages: 203-213, table. Joseph Valens was Receiver of the dock duties at Liverpool. View Volume

Wedgwood and Bentley in Liverpool and the north-west
Author: L. Burman
Volume: 146 (1997-0) Pages: 67-91, View Volume