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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

A littoral survey of the port of Liverpool
Author: Edward Eyes
Volume: 22 (1869-1870) Pages: 171-246, See EYES, Edward for notes. View Volume

Changes in the sea coast of Lancashire and Cheshire
Author: Rev. A. Hume
Volume: 18 (1865-1866) Pages: 1-88, illus., maps. View Volume

Further observations on the alleged submarine forests on the shores of Liverpool Bay and the River Mersey. In reply to Dr. Hume's [paper]
Author: J. Boult
Volume: 18 (1865-1866) Pages: 89-126, View Volume

Observations on the geology and archaeology of the Cheshire shore
Author: C. Potter
Volume: 28 (1875-1876) Pages: 121-142, diag. View Volume

On the tides and datums of the Lancashire coast
Author: R. Veevers
Volume: 49 (1897-0) Pages: 171-175, table. View Volume

Outline of the sea coast of Cheshire
Author: Rev. A. Hume
Volume: 11 (1858-1859) Pages: 219-232, maps. View Volume

Places in Lancashire destroyed
Author: the sea, by H. Fishwick
Volume: 49 (1897-0) Pages: 87-96, View Volume

Ptolemy's geography of the coast from Carnarvon to Cumberland
Author: T. G. Rylands
Volume: 30 (1877-1878) Pages: 81-92, map, diag. View Volume

Schemes for the reclamation of land from the sea in north Lancashire during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Author: W. Rollinson
Volume: 115 (1963-0) Pages: 133-145, illus., maps. View Volume

The deterioration of the Mersey
Author: J. Boult
Volume: 26 (1873-1874) Pages: 29-46, Concerned with silting and related estuarial changes. View Volume

The map-history of the coast from the Dee to the Duddon. A search for the Belisama of Horsley
Author: T. G. Rylands
Volume: 31 (1878-1879) Pages: 83-96, maps, tables. View Volume

Traces of submerged lands on the coasts of Lancashire, Cheshire and North Wales
Author: E. W. Cox [and] Postscript to the paper on submerged lands
Volume: 46 (1894-0) Pages: 19-56, 199-200. illus., maps, diag.