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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

[Dean Nutter. (John Nutter of Goldshaw Booth and Higham Booth, dean of Chester)]. In Stray notes
Volume: 68 (1916-0) Pages: 202-204, View Volume

[Robert de Limesei, bishop of Chester]. In Stray notes
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 212-215, View Volume

A few remarks on the architecture of Chester
Author: A. Rimmer
Volume: 24 (1871-1872) Pages: 71-76, View Volume

'A pretended voyage to America'
Author: E. Rideout
Volume: 81 (1929-0) Pages: 54-61, Letter from Christopher Carlile to the mayor and citizens of Chester regarding a proposed voyage. View Volume

An Official Progress through Lancashire and Cheshire in 1476
Author: Myers, A. R.,
Volume: 115 (1964-0) Pages: 1-30, View Volume

An unworthy Carmelite. In Stray notes
Volume: 65 (1913-0) Pages: 212-0, A Carmelite house in Chester. View Volume

Chester and Liverpool in the Patent Rolls of Richard II and the Lancastrian and Yorkist kings
Author: J. H. Lumby
Volume: 55 (1903-1904) Pages: 163-187, View Volume

Chester diocesan records and the local historian
Author: A. T. Thacker
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 149-185, View Volume

Chester slave trading partnerships 1750-56
Author: M. M. Schofield
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 187-190, table. View Volume

Chester, Birkenhead and Liverpool in the Patent and Close Rolls of the three Edwards
Author: J. H. Lumby
Volume: 54 (1902-0) Pages: 45-72,

Chester's mystery cycle and the 'mystery' of the past
Author: A. D. Mills
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 1-23, View Volume

Freemasonry in Lancashire and Cheshire (17th century). Part 2. Chester
Author: W. H. Rylands
Volume: 51 (1899-0) Pages: 85-154, illus. (incl. ports.). View Volume

John Fletcher and the Stranger in Chester
Author: C. R. Hand
Volume: 76 (1924-0) Pages: 219-239, port. Records a tour from Liverpool to Holywell, and includes material on Chester newspaper history. View Volume

Lancashire ills, the king's will and the troubling of bishop Bridgeman
Author: B. W. Quintrell
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 67-102, View Volume

Landlord control and motivation in the parliamentary enclosure of St. Mary's-on-the-hill parish, Chester
Author: P. J. W. Higson
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 93-116, illus., maps. Eaton Hall is illustrated. View Volume

Memoir of the earls of Chester, by W. W. Mortimer. Part 1. On the Saxon earls. 2 (1849-50) pp. 215-25 [and] Part 2. The Norman earls
Author: W. W. Mortimer
Volume: 4 (1851-1852) Pages: 215-225, View Volume

Notes on the sculptures of the Roman monuments recently found in Chester
Author: E. W. Cox
Volume: 43 (1891-1892) Pages: 91-102, illus.

On the early charters of St. Werburgh's in Chester
Author: J. Robson
Volume: 11 (1858-1859) Pages: 187-198, View Volume

Origin of the mayoral allowance at Liverpool and Chester
Author: J. Elton
Volume: 53 (1901-0) Pages: 81-92, Allowance from corn tolls for mayoral expenses. View Volume

Poor Law administration in the Chester \r\nLocal Act incorporation, 1831-71
Author: Handley, Michael D.,
Volume: 156 (2007-0) Pages: 169-192,

Revenues and disbursements of the bishops of Chester, 1754-1809
Author: J. H. E. Bennett
Volume: 98 (1946-0) Pages: 75-106, View Volume

Samuel Peploe and the ideology of anti-Catholicism among the Anglican clergy in early Hanoverian England
Author: P. G. Green
Volume: 145 (1996-0) Pages: 75-94, Samuel Peploe was vicar of Preston and bishop of Chester. View Volume

Settlement and Removal in West Cheshire, 1834-71
Author: Handley, Mike,
Volume: 160 (2011-0) Pages: 89-115,

Shipping and shipbuilding in the port of Chester in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
Author: R. Craig
Volume: 116 (1964-0) Pages: 39-68, tables. View Volume

Sir James Whitelocke, chief justice of Chester 1620-1624
Author: D. X. Powell
Volume: 143 (1994-0) Pages: 1-34, View Volume

Some aspects of the trade and shipping of the River Dee in the eighteenth century
Author: R. Craig
Volume: 114 (1962-0) Pages: 99-128, tables. View Volume

Some notes on Hindley chappell [sic]
Author: W. A. Wickham
Volume: 62 (1910-0) Pages: 67-118, ports., plans. The portraits are of John Bridgeman, Nicholas Stratford and Francis Gastrell, all bishops of Chester. View Volume

St. John's hospital, Chester. In Stray notes
Volume: 78 (1926-0) Pages: 146-0, View Volume

The abbey of St. Werburgh, Chester, in the thirteenth century
Author: E. K. McConnell
Volume: 55 (1903-1904) Pages: 42-66, pedigrees. View Volume

The account book of the New Haven, Chester, 1567-8
Author: E. Rideout
Volume: 80 (1928-0) Pages: 86-128, View Volume

The Becket boss in the Lady Chapel, Chester cathedral
Author: G. W. Mathews
Volume: 86 (1934-0) Pages: 41-46, illus. View Volume

The charter companies and the Old Quay
Author: E. Rideout
Volume: 79 (1927-0) Pages: 141-174, illus., plans. Includes details of payments made by named members of Chester trade companies. View Volume

The Chester companies in the seventeenth century
Author: Bolton, Peter
Volume: 156 (2007-0) Pages: 75-104,

The Chester leather industry, 1558-1625
Author: D. M. Woodward
Volume: 119 (1967-0) Pages: 65-111, maps, tables. View Volume

The Chester mystery plays
Author: G. W. Godfrey
Volume: 76 (1924-0) Pages: 147-218, illus. View Volume

The hospital of St. John at Chester
Author: R. Stewart-Brown
Volume: 78 (1926-0) Pages: 66-106, illus. View Volume

The imprisonment of Eleanor Cobham, duchess of Gloucester
Author: R. Stewart-Brown
Volume: 85 (1933-0) Pages: 89-97, Eleanor Cobham, tried for witchcraft, heresy and treason, was probably imprisoned, among other places, at Chester. View Volume

The Lord Edward's lordship of Chester, 1254-72
Author: J. R. Studd
Volume: 128 (1979-0) Pages: 1-25, View Volume

The overseas trade of Chester in the early seventeenth century
Author: W. B. Stephens
Volume: 120 (1968-0) Pages: 23-34, tables. View Volume

The overseas trade of Chester, 1600-1650
Author: D. M. Woodward
Volume: 122 (1970-0) Pages: 25-42, tables. View Volume

The parliamentary election at Chester, 1621
Author: J. K. Gruenfelder
Volume: 120 (1968-0) Pages: 35-44, View Volume

The port of Chester in the fifteenth century
Author: K. P. Wilson
Volume: 117 (1965-0) Pages: 1-15, illus. View Volume

The reuse of the monastic buildings at Chester, 1540-1640
Author: A. Thacker
Volume: 145 (1996-0) Pages: 21-43, plan. View Volume

The stationers, booksellers and printers of Chester to about 1800, by R. Stewart-Brown. Part 1
Volume: 83 (1931-0) Pages: 101-152, View Volume