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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Booksellers and stationers in Warrington, 1639 to 1657, with the full list of the contents of a stationer's shop there in 1647
Author: W. H. Rylands
Volume: 37 (1885-0) Pages: 67-115, pedigree. The pedigree is of the Booth family. View Volume

Booth family of Manchester
Author: J. P. R[ylands]. In Stray notes
Volume: 72 (1920-0) Pages: 93-0, View Volume

Charcoal ironmasters of Cheshire and Lancashire, 1600-1785
Author: B. G. Awty
Volume: 109 (1957-0) Pages: 71-124, map, tables, pedigrees. View Volume

Exemplification and confirmation of the Booth arms and William Booth, esquire, of London, 1st. April 1580; 21st. Elizabeth
Author: W. H. Rylands
Volume: 58 (1906-0) Pages: 105-108, illus. View Volume