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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

[Wigan craft guilds]. In Stray notes.
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 212-215, View Volume

An account of the oil painting 'Liverpool in 1680', with notes on the Peters family of Platbridge and Liverpool
Author: R. Stewart-Brown
Volume: 60 (1908-0) Pages: 35-71, illus. (incl. front.), ports. View Volume

An accusation of witchcraft, 1582
Author: Rev. W. W. Longford
Volume: 92 (1940-0) Pages: 203-206, Relates to Ralph Osbaldston or Osbarston of Wigan and the Winstanley family of Pemberton. View Volume

Nineteenth-century housing in Wigan and St. Helens
Author: J. T. Jackson
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 125-143, illus., maps, plans, diags. View Volume

On the arms existing in the churches of Prescot, Wigan, and Liverpool in the year 1590; with some notices of the Acres or Ackers family
Author: J. P. Rylands
Volume: 33 (1880-1881) Pages: 247-264, illus. pedigree. View Volume

Schedule of deeds and documents, the property of Colonel Thomas Richard Crosse, preserved in the muniment room at Shaw Hill, Chorley, in the county of Lancaster
Author: R. D. Radcliffe
Volume: 41 (1889-0) Pages: 208-26, 42 (1890) pp. 275-95; 43-4 (1891-2) pp. 330-52; 45 (1893) pp. 221-40. Includes much Wigan material. View Volume

The Crosse family of Wigan, Chorley and Liverpool
Author: R. Stewart-Brown and F. C. Beazley
Volume: 73 (1921-0) Pages: 153-186, pedigrees. View Volume

Wigan and Liverpool pewterers
Author: R. J. A. Shelley
Volume: 97 (1945-0) Pages: 1-26, illus. View Volume

Wigan church in 1671
Author: F. C. Beazley. In Stray notes
Volume: 64 (1912-0) Pages: 323-0, View Volume

Wigan church, c1580. In Stray notes
Volume: 73 (1921-0) Pages: 230-0, View Volume