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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Leaves from an antiquary's notebook
Volume: 47 (1895-0) Pages: 235-252, Includes miscellaneous information on the Wirral, north Cheshire and Liverpool areas, including an item on wells. View Volume

Notes taken
Author: the hon. local secretary for Sephton district, by W. E. Gregson
Volume: 47 (1895-0) Pages: 252-256, Includes an item on St. Helen's well at Sefton. View Volume

The Mellings of Rainhill, 1830-70
Author: F. Dickinson
Volume: 121 (1969-0) Pages: 59-75, illus., maps. View Volume

The politics of water in early and mid-Victorian Britain: The experience of Bolton
Author: John Hassan and Peter Taylor
Volume: 148 (1999-0) Pages: 119-146, View Volume

Water and health: The formation and exploitation of the relationship in Liverpool, 1847-1900
Author: S. Sheard
Volume: 143 (1994-0) Pages: 141-163, View Volume