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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

An account of Wallasey, based on that of Mr. Robinson, schoolmaster there, 1720; with notes on the parish, and extracts from the registers
Author: W. C. A. Pritt
Volume: 43 (1891-1892) Pages: 1-62, front, illus., plan. Includes much about the parish church.

An old racing stable at Wallasey in Wirral
Author: R. D. Radcliffe
Volume: 45 (1893-0) Pages: 141-158, illus., plan. View Volume

Archaeology in the Mersey district...and Liverpool notabilia
Author: H. E. Smith
Volume: 25 (1872-1873) Pages: 113-152, illus., pedigree; 26 (1873-4) pp. 83-112, illus. Details of finds at Wallasey are included. View Volume

Extracts from the registers of the parish church of St. Hilary, Wallasey, with notes thereupon
Author: E. M. Hance and T. N. Morton
Volume: 35 (1883-0) Pages: 37-128, illus. (front.)., table, pedigrees. Includes pedigrees of the Coventry family, and a section on the Gorstilowe family of Gorstilowe. View Volume

Leasowe castle: Its owners and history
Author: E. C. Woods
Volume: 73 (1921-0) Pages: 127-148, illus., plans. See also additional note, 'The Wallasey oxgangs', in 74 (1922) p. 178. View Volume

Notice of mammalian remains discovered in the excavations at Wallasey for the Birkenhead new docks
Author: T. J. Moore
Volume: 10 (1857-1858) Pages: 265-268, illus. View Volume

The history of Wallasey in university theses
Author: P. S. Richards
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 190-191, View Volume

Three cruck buildings in Lancashire and Cheshire. [Includes] Bird's Barn, Wallasey
Author: David J. Hoey
Volume: 117 (1965-0) Pages: 33-57, illus., plans. View Volume