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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Norman remains found at Sephton church
Author: E. W. Cox
Volume: 47 (1895-0) Pages: 103-106, illus. View Volume

Notes taken
Author: the hon. local secretary for Sephton district, by W. E. Gregson
Volume: 47 (1895-0) Pages: 252-256, Includes an items on St. Helen's well at Sefton and on Netherton Green. View Volume

S. Helen's church, Sephton
Author: Rev. G. W. Wall
Volume: 47 (1895-0) Pages: 37-102, illus. View Volume

The countess of Southampton at Sefton, 1668. In Stray notes.
Author: S. A. H[arris]
Volume: 91 (1939-0) Pages: 216-217, View Volume

The mock corporation of Sephton
Author: Rev. E. Horley
Volume: 33 (1880-1881) Pages: 223-46, (1881-2) pp. 25-38. View Volume

The Rev. Joseph Tompson. In Stray notes
Volume: 74 (1922-0) Pages: 175-176, An incumbent of Sefton church. View Volume

The Rood Screen of St Helen’s Church, Sefton:\r\nIts Restoration by William Caröe and\r\na Clarification of its Original Date
Author: Stammers, Mike
Volume: 158 (2009-0) Pages: 159-166,