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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

[The oversands guide of Morecambe Bay]. In Stray notes
Volume: 95 (1943-0) Pages: 147-151, View Volume

Early Liverpool coaching
Author: A. H. Arkle
Volume: 73 (1921-0) Pages: 1-32, map, illus. (incl. front.). View Volume

Leaves from an antiquary's notebook
Volume: 47 (1895-0) Pages: 235-252, Includes an item on an old road at Bebington called Roman Road. View Volume

The highway from Preston into the Fylde
Author: R. S. France
Volume: 97 (1945-0) Pages: 27-58, map. View Volume

The minutes of the trustees of the turnpike roads from Liverpool to Prescot, St. Helens, Warrington and Ashton in Makerfield, 1726-89
Author: F. A. Bailey
Volume: 88 (1936-0) Pages: 159-200, illus., map; Part 2: 1753-89. 89 (1937) pp. 31-90, map. View Volume

The oversands route between Lancaster and Ulverston
Author: E. C. Woods
Volume: 87 (1935-0) Pages: 1-21, illus., map. View Volume

The Roman road from Newton Brook to the south of the parish church, Warrington.
Author: G. A. Dunlop...and Colonel B. Fairclough
Volume: 85 (1933-0) Pages: 99-130, An account of the investigation carried through by G. A. Dunlop...and Colonel B. Faircloughillus., plans. The illustrations and plans are at the back of the volume. View Volume

The Roman roads of Lancashire. Part 1
Author: W. T. Watkin
Volume: 33 (1880-1881) Pages: 195-222, illus., table. View Volume

The stones of Liverpool
Author: E. C. Woods
Volume: 81 (1929-0) Pages: 51-0, Street paving. View Volume