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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

[Exhibition of articles found in the Fylde, various dates]
Author: Rev. W. Thornber
Volume: 3 (1850-1851) Pages: 113-114, View Volume

[Exhibition of six stone axes]
Author: J. W. Whitehead
Volume: 5 (1852-1853) Pages: 129-0, illus. View Volume

An ancient-British cemetery at Wavertree
Author: H. E. Smith
Volume: 20 (1867-1868) Pages: 131-146, illus., plan. View Volume

Ancient British remains at Over Darwen
Author: C. Hardwick
Volume: 18 (1865-1866) Pages: 273-278, illus. View Volume

Archaeology in the Mersey district, 1873, and Liverpool notabilia
Volume: 26 (1873-1874) Pages: 83-112, illus. Includes information on prehistoric finds. View Volume

Captain William Latham and the Calderstones
Author: C. R. Hand
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 1-6, illus. (incl. front.). About drawings by William Latham. View Volume

Glimpses of pre-Roman civilization in England
Author: J. Boult
Volume: 26 (1873-1874) Pages: 113-144, Particularly concerned with placenames. View Volume

Lancashire archaeological notes, prehistoric and Roman
Author: B. J. N. Edwards
Volume: 121 (1969-0) Pages: 99-108, illus. View Volume

Leaves from an antiquary's notebook
Author: E. W. Cox
Volume: 48 (1896-0) Pages: 253-258, illus. Includes information on implements from Wirral. View Volume

Neolithic axe found at Whiston, 1941
Author: F. A. Bailey
Volume: 93 (1941-0) Pages: 124-0, illus. View Volume

Notes on the presence of the bear (ursus) in the British Isles
Author: J. Paterson
Volume: 24 (1871-1872) Pages: 151-160, View Volume

On a newly discovered neolithic settlement at the Red Noses, New Brighton, near Liverpool
Author: C. Roeder
Volume: 50 (1898-0) Pages: 123-130, illus., diag.

On some flint implements found in the glacial deposits of Cheshire and North Wales
Author: J. Lomas
Volume: 50 (1898-0) Pages: 111-122, illus.

On the British urns found at West Kirby
Author: J. Mayer
Volume: 1 (1848-1849) Pages: 153-154, illus. The finds were not dated, but may be prehistoric. View Volume

Recent antiquarian 'finds' in Cheshire
Author: E. W. Cox
Volume: 46 (1894-0) Pages: 175-179, Includes prehistoric items.

Stone axe found at Weston Point
Author: W. Handley
Volume: 55 (1903-1904) Pages: 326-327, illus. View Volume

The abodes of neolithic man in North Wales
Author: Rev. E. Owen
Volume: 45 (1893-0) Pages: 81-98, illus., plans. View Volume

The Edgeworth palstave
Author: B. Grimshaw
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 208-209, illus. View Volume

The excavations at Hilbre, 1926
Author: R. Newstead
Volume: 78 (1926-0) Pages: 136-143, illus. View Volume

The limestone caves of Craven and their ancient inhabitants
Author: H. E. Smith
Volume: 17 (1864-1865) Pages: 199-230, illus., table. View Volume

The Liscard palstave
Author: J. Kitchingman
Volume: 64 (1912-0) Pages: 287-0, illus. View Volume

The pre-historic man of Cheshire: Or, some account of a human skeleton found under the Leasowe shore in Wirral
Author: Sir E. Cust
Volume: 16 (1863-1864) Pages: 193-200, See also pp. 249-50 for a summary of the attendant discussion. View Volume

The trees of the post-glacial forest beds in the neighbourhood of Liverpool
Author: T. M. Reade
Volume: 30 (1877-1878) Pages: 27-28, View Volume

The tumuli at Twemlow Hall, Cheshire
Author: J. W. Walker
Volume: 91 (1939-0) Pages: 205-206, plan. View Volume

Tumuli at Winwick
Author: J. Robson
Volume: 12 (1859-1860) Pages: 189-192, View Volume