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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

An old Winwick house. In Stray notes
Volume: 72 (1920-0) Pages: 93-0, Includes information on the Pilkington family. View Volume

Origin of the name Pilkington. (Being a revision with additional notes for 'The history of the Pilkington family, 1066-1600')
Author: J. Pilkington
Volume: 51 (1899-0) Pages: 229-232, View Volume

The early history of the Lancashire family of Pilkington, and its branches, from 1066 to 1600
Author: Lieut.-Colonel J. Pilkington
Volume: 45 (1893-0) Pages: 159-218, illus. (incl. port.), pedigree. The portrait is of James Pilkington, bishop of Durham in the 16th century. View Volume