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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

[400 drawings exhibited]
Author: J. Mayer
Volume: 5 (1852-1853) Pages: 130-0, View Volume

[Exhibition of fine art items, including rings on the hand of a mummy]. (-8)
Author: Oxley, J.
Volume: 10 (1857-1858) Pages: 343-344, illus. Exhibited by Joseph Mayer, John Topping and others. View Volume

[Exhibition of] a pair of gold mate stands
Author: A. M. Robinson
Volume: 46 (1894-0) Pages: 180-182, illus. South American items.

[The brothers Beattie (artists)]. In Stray notes
Author: Oxley, J.
Volume: 68 (1916-0) Pages: 202-204, View Volume

An account of the oil painting 'Liverpool in 1680', with notes on the Peters family of Platbridge and Liverpool
Author: R. Stewart-Brown
Volume: 60 (1908-0) Pages: 35-71, illus. (incl. front.), ports. View Volume

Ancient alabasters at Lydiate
Author: P. Nelson
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 21-26, illus. (incl. facing p. 20). Alabasters in the Roman Catholic chapel at Lydiate, and formerly at Lydiate Hall. View Volume

Archaeology in the Mersey district, 1872, and Liverpool notabilia
Author: H. E. Smith
Volume: 25 (1872-1873) Pages: 113-152, illus., pedigree. Includes information on Richard Wright, painter. View Volume

Captain William Latham and the Calderstones
Author: C. R. Hand
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 1-6, illus. (incl. front.). About drawings by William Latham. View Volume

Description of two ancient carved oak panels
Author: J. Clements
Volume: 7 (1854-1855) Pages: 10-11, View Volume

Joseph Parry, artist: Dates and origins
Author: J. C. P. Burleigh
Volume: 140 (1991-0) Pages: 229-232, An 18th century Manchester artist, possibly son of a Liverpool master pilot. View Volume

Matthew Gregson and the pursuit of taste
Author: H. A. Taylor
Volume: 110 (1958-0) Pages: 157-176, illus., port. View Volume

Nantwich: an eleventh-century salt town and its origins
Author: J. Oxley
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 1-20, View Volume

Notes, historical and antiquarian, relating to Lancashire and Cheshire
Author: J. H. Gibson
Volume: 31 (1878-1879) Pages: 67-82, Includes information on portraits by Mrs. Lightfoot of Liverpool. View Volume

On the Manchester art-treasures exhibition, 1857
Author: G. Scharf
Volume: 10 (1857-1858) Pages: 269-331, illus. View Volume

Provincial internationalism: Contemporary foreign art in nineteenth-century Liverpool and Manchester
Author: E. Morris
Volume: 147 (1998-0) Pages: 81-113, illus. View Volume

Remarks on antique ivory carvings
Author: F. Pulszky
Volume: 9 (1856-1857) Pages: 245-257, illus. View Volume

Roscoe, and the influence of his writings on the fine arts
Author: J. Mayer
Volume: 5 (1852-1853) Pages: 142-155, illus. View Volume

The art-bearings of photography
Author: J. Glover
Volume: 16 (1863-1864) Pages: 79-88, View Volume

The brothers Beattie and their drawings of old Liverpool
Author: C. R. Hand
Volume: 65 (1913-0) Pages: 123-145, illus. View Volume

The Herdman drawings of old Liverpool
Author: R. Stewart-Brown
Volume: 63 (1911-0) Pages: 5-18, front. View Volume