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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Dame Mary Moore
Author: W. F. Irvine
Volume: 71 (1919-0) Pages: 52-57, The Moore family of Bank Hall. View Volume

Edward Moore of Bank Hall. In Stray notes.
Volume: 77 (1925-0) Pages: 153-0, View Volume

Fresh light on the Liverpool election of 1670. From original letters of the Moore family recently acquired by the Liverpool Public Library
Author: E. B. Saxton
Volume: 93 (1941-0) Pages: 54-68, View Volume

Moore of Bankhall
Author: R. Stewart-Brown
Volume: 63 (1911-0) Pages: 92-119, View Volume

Selections from the ancient papers of the Moore family, formerly of Liverpool and Bank Hall
Author: T. N. Morton
Volume: 39 (1887-0) Pages: 159-74, 40 (1888) pp. 177-82. Vol. 40 includes material on Bidston and Upton. The item in vol. 39 is not ascribed clearly to T. N. Morton, but was probably contributed by him. View Volume

Selections from the Moore papers
Author: R. Stewart-Brown
Volume: 61 (1909-0) Pages: 203-211, View Volume

The family of Moore of Liverpool. Rough list of their paper records
Author: T. N. Morton
Volume: 38 (1886-0) Pages: 149-158, View Volume