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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Molyneux of Sefton. In Stray notes.
Volume: 71 (1919-0) Pages: 91-0, Family details from a rent roll, 1568. View Volume

The child marriage of Richard, second Viscount Molyneux, with some notices of his life, from contemporary documents
Author: T. A. Earle and R. D. Radcliffe
Volume: 43 (1891-1892) Pages: 245-278,

The countess of Southampton at Sefton, 1668. In Stray notes.
Author: S. A. H[arris]
Volume: 91 (1939-0) Pages: 216-217, View Volume

The Molineux chalice
Author: R. D. Radcliffe
Volume: 41 (1889-0) Pages: 205-208, illus. View Volume

The will of Mrs. Ann Molyneux, with three codicils
Author: H. Peet
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 7-16, illus. Ann Molyneux of Liverpool; any connection with the Molyneux of Sefton is unclear. View Volume

Two Liverpool medieval affrays. 1: The great riot at Liverpool in 1345; 2: The Molyneux and Stanley feud of 1425
Author: R, Stewart-Brown
Volume: 85 (1933-0) Pages: 71-87, Includes a transcript of names of those pardoned by the king, 1346-7. The affray of 1345 was a conflict between the Radcliffes and the Traffords and their respective followers; the list of those pardoned includes men from all over the county. View Volume