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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

A criminal profile of the Liverpool Irish
Author: F. Neal
Volume: 140 (1991-0) Pages: 161-199, tables. View Volume

A Lancashire document of 1651
Author: F. H. Cheetham
Volume: 87 (1935-0) Pages: 119-121, Warrant addressed to officers of ports and customs to allow Henry Eccleston of Eccleston (Prescot) to leave England. View Volume

A Liverpool shipping agent and Irish emigration in the 1850s: Some newly discovered documents
Author: M. A. Busteed
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 145-161, illus., tables, graphs. View Volume

Edward Hayes, Liverpool colonial pioneer
Author: D. B. Quinn
Volume: 111 (1959-0) Pages: 25-45, illus. View Volume

Emigration to British North America under the early passenger acts. 1803-1842
Author: K. A. Walpole
Volume: 81 (1929-0) Pages: 110-214, illus., table. View Volume

Irish in the east Cheshire silk industry 1851-1861
Author: F. J. Williams
Volume: 136 (1987-0) Pages: 99-126, maps, tables. View Volume

Liverpool lists of emigrants to America, 1697-1706
Author: J. Elton
Volume: 53 (1901-0) Pages: 179-188, View Volume

On the migration of population in Great Britain
Author: N. Waterhouse
Volume: 14 (1861-1862) Pages: 1-28, tables. View Volume

The German church in Renshaw Street, Liverpool, formerly Newington chapel
Author: H. Peet
Volume: 85 (1933-0) Pages: 63-68, illus. View Volume