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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

A littoral survey of the port of Liverpool
Author: Edward Eyes
Volume: 22 (1869-1870) Pages: 171-246, For full title, see EYES, Edward. View Volume

General remarks on the natural history of the shores of the Mersey
Author: R. A. Tudor. [Summary]
Volume: 8 (1855-1856) Pages: 232-233, View Volume

George Marchant's River Mersey barrage, 1768
Author: P. J. Sillitoe
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 329-338, map. View Volume

Mersey ferry rates. In Stray notes.
Author: Mersey, River
Volume: 71 (1919-0) Pages: 89-0, View Volume

On two ancient boats, found near Warrington
Author: C. Madeley
Volume: 46 (1894-0) Pages: 97-106, illus.

The deterioration of the Mersey
Author: J. Boult
Volume: 26 (1873-1874) Pages: 29-46, Concerned with silting and related estuarial changes. View Volume

The sea approaches. The importance of the Dee and the Mersey in the civil war in the north west
Author: R. N. Dore
Volume: 136 (1987-0) Pages: 1-25, maps. View Volume