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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

A scene in court. In Stray notes
Volume: 75 (1923-0) Pages: 261-0, Sentence of mutilation on convict James Williamson, 1633. View Volume

A Star Chamber case. Assheton v. Blundell, 1624-31
Author: F. Tyrer
Volume: 118 (1966-0) Pages: 19-37, illus. View Volume

Henry Brown: A Liverpool attorney of the eighteenth century
Author: G. T. Shaw
Volume: 52 (1900-0) Pages: 77-92, View Volume

Lancashire justices of the peace in 1583
Author: R. S. France
Volume: 95 (1943-0) Pages: 131-133, View Volume

Mr. Serjeant Spankie
Author: G. S. Veitch
Volume: 82 (1930-0) Pages: 42-68, illus., ports. Robert Spankie was a lawyer involved in the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Bill. View Volume

Notes, historical and antiquarian, relating to Lancashire and Cheshire
Author: J. H. Gibson
Volume: 32 (1879-1880) Pages: 143-146, Includes notes on a medal of the Liverpool Dock Police. View Volume

On some obsolete peculiarities of English law
Author: W. Beamont
Volume: 32 (1879-1880) Pages: 1-34, View Volume

Performance and motivation amongst the justices of the peace in early Stuart Lancashire
Author: D. J. Wilkinson
Volume: 138 (1989-0) Pages: 35-65, map, tables. View Volume

Plea roll pedigrees
Volume: 68 (1916-0) Pages: 199-201, View Volume

Regulation of alehouses in Stuart Lancashire: An example of discretionary administration of the law
Author: W. J. King
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 31-46, View Volume

Sir James Whitelocke, chief justice of Chester 1620-1624
Author: D. X. Powell
Volume: 143 (1994-0) Pages: 1-34, View Volume

The Commission of the Peace in Lancashire, 1603-1642
Author: D. J. Wilkinson
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 41-66, tables. View Volume

The Lancashire Sessions Act, 1798
Author: R. Sharpe France
Volume: 96 (1944-0) Pages: 1-57, View Volume