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This searches the indexes to the Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire.

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A good fortune and a good wife: The marriage of Christopher Hasell of Liverpool, merchant, 1765
Author: E. M. and M. M. Schofield
Volume: 138 (1989-0) Pages: 85-111, ports., pedigree. The Hasell family of Dalemain, near Penrith. View Volume

A day in Low Furness. [Summary]
Author: J. Stonehouse
Volume: 8 (1855-1856) Pages: 228-230, Information included on Walney Island, Dalton and Urswick. View Volume

Cockersand chapter-house. 67 (1915)
Author: Rev. W. A. Wickham
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 86-123, illus., diags., pedigree, by Rev. W. A. Wickham. Includes an illustration of Thurnham Hall; the pedigree is of the Dalton family of Thurnham. View Volume

The Daltons of Thurnham
Author: W. O. Roper
Volume: 42 (1890-0) Pages: 97-124, illus., pedigree. View Volume

[Archaeological finds exhibited from various places, including Flixton, Danes Pad in the Fylde, Kirkham, Staining and Leasowe]
Volume: 3 (1850-1851) Pages: 113-114, View Volume

Liverpool: Memoranda touching its area and population, during the first half of the present century
Author: Danson, John Towne
Volume: 8 (1855-1856) Pages: 23-34, map, tables. View Volume

On the area and population of the Manchester district
Author: Danson, John Towne
Volume: 8 (1855-1856) Pages: 165-180, tables View Volume

On the population of Lancashire and Cheshire, and its local distribution during the fifty years, 1801-1851
Author: J. T. Danson and T. A. Welton
Volume: 9 (1856-1857) Pages: 195-212, tables; [Part 2] 10 (1857-8) pp. 1-36, map, tables; [Part 3] 11 (1858-9) pp. 31-70, tables; [Part 4] 12 (1859-60) pp. 35-74, tables. View Volume

On the uses of learned societies, and in particular of the Historic Society
Author: Danson, John Towne
Volume: 11 (1858-1859) Pages: 233-242, View Volume

Science in Lancashire and Cheshire
Author: Danson, John Towne
Volume: 7 (1854-1855) Pages: 40-50, View Volume

Analysis of the Leasowe water
Author: Danson, Joseph
Volume: 2 (1849-1850) Pages: 260-0, Analysis of water in spring described in 1 (1848-9) p. 105. View Volume

Twenebrokes, or Twanbrook, of Appleton, Grappenhall, and Daresbury, in the county of Chester, A. D. 1170 to 1831
Author: J. P. Rylands
Volume: 37 (1885-0) Pages: 1-20, 116, illus., pedigrees. View Volume

Cheshire in the dark ages. A map study of Celtic and Anglian settlement
Author: D. Sylvester
Volume: 114 (1962-0) Pages: 1-22, maps. View Volume

Historical notes on the valley of the Mersey previous to the Norman conquest
Author: T. Baines
Volume: 5 (1852-1853) Pages: 131-141, View Volume

Notes on the early history of the church of Strathclyde, with special reference to the Apostle of Lancashire
Author: Rev. A. E. P. Gray
Volume: 40 (1888-0) Pages: 77-92, The 'Apostle of Lancashire' is St. Kentigern; the title appears to be unofficial. View Volume

On the ethnology of south Britain at the period of the extinction of the Roman government in the island
Author: T. Wright
Volume: 8 (1855-1856) Pages: 141-152, View Volume

On the state of the western portion of the ancient kingdom of Northumberland, down to the period of the Norman conquest
Author: J. H. Hinde
Volume: 8 (1855-1856) Pages: 1-22, View Volume

Some notes on Heysham church and parish
Author: E. M. Grafton
Volume: 56 (1903-1904) Pages: 150-162, illus. View Volume

The Celtic, Saxon and Scandinavian settlement at Meols in Wirral
Author: J. D. Bu'Lock
Volume: 112 (1960-0) Pages: 1-28, illus., map. See also appendix, 'The Anglo-Saxon coins from Meols sands', by R. H. M. Dolley in 113 (1961) pp. 197-201. View Volume

The materials for the history of the two counties, and the mode of using them
Author: J. Robson
Volume: 5 (1852-1853) Pages: 199-217, [Part 2] 7 (1854-5) pp. 99-114. Part 1 is particularly concerned with the Roman period, including detail of a Roman inscription found at Manchester, and part 2 deals especially with the Dark Ages. View Volume

Winwick and Culcheth in Lancashire, their place in history
Author: T. G. Rylands
Volume: 32 (1879-1880) Pages: 53-66, View Volume

Ancient British remains at Over Darwen
Author: C. Hardwick
Volume: 18 (1865-1866) Pages: 273-278, illus. View Volume

Note to 'Some armorial house tablets in Cheshire'
Author: J. P. Rylands
Volume: 61 (1909-0) Pages: 214-0, illus. View Volume

Some armorial house-tablets in Lancashire
Author: J. P. Rylands and W. F. Price
Volume: 58 (1906-0) Pages: 99-104, illus. (incl. front.); 60 (1908) pp. 154-9, illus. View Volume

The great rebuilding and economic change in South Lonsdale 1600-1730
Author: M. E. Garnett
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 55-75, map, tables, diags. View Volume

Church of St. Nicholas, Liverpool, 1257-1957
Author: R T Davies
Volume: 109 (1957-0) Pages: 187-188, View Volume

'A stormy political career': P. J. Kelly and Irish Nationalist and Labour politics in Liverpool, 1891-1936
Author: Davies, Sam
Volume: 148 (1999-0) Pages: 147-190, View Volume

On Shotwick church and its Saxon foundation
Author: J. Mayer
Volume: 6 (1853-1854) Pages: 77-83, illus. (incl. port.). The portrait is of Mrs. Mary Davis of Great Saughall. View Volume

British burial places near Bolton, co. Lancaster
Author: Dawes, Matthew
Volume: 4 (1851-1852) Pages: 130-132, illus., plan. View Volume

Some account of the pamphlet literature of Liverpool.
Author: Dawson, Thomas
Volume: 16 (1863-1864) Pages: 240-0, Part 1, serial publications and part 2, [other pamphlets]. [Summary]. 16 (1863-4) pp. 240, 244-5. View Volume

The pamphlet literature of Liverpool
Author: Dawson, Thomas
Volume: 17 (1864-1865) Pages: 73-138, View Volume

Some aspects of the trade and shipping of the River Dee in the eighteenth century
Author: R. Craig
Volume: 114 (1962-0) Pages: 99-128, tables. View Volume

The Lancashire demoniacs
Author: H. Fishwick
Volume: 35 (1883-0) Pages: 129-146, View Volume

[Letter of Oliver Cromwell exhibited]
Author: J. Mayer
Volume: 5 (1852-1853) Pages: 198-0, Written at Warrington, 20 August 1648. View Volume

A business journey from Orkney to Liverpool in 1789
Author: R. B. Mooney
Volume: 121 (1969-0) Pages: 47-58, illus. The journey was made by George Omond, a Scottish merchant. View Volume

A nonconformist missionary journey to Lancashire and Cheshire in July 1672
Author: B. Cottle and M. J. C. Evans
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 77-91, Based on the diary of Henry Maurice, a nonconformist minister. Similar diaries are briefly discussed. View Volume

Correspondence of the Rev. Peter Walkden. Letters from a Lancashire student at Glasgow University during the rebellion of 1715
Author: J. Bromley
Volume: 36 (1884-0) Pages: 15-32, The letters were written by Jonathan Woodworth. View Volume

Early notices of Liverpool, from Blundell's diary, 1702-1728
Author: T. E. Gibson
Volume: 34 (1881-1882) Pages: 1-24, The diary of Nicholas Blundell. View Volume

Eight letters relating to Cheshire, of the time of Elizabeth and James I
Author: T. D. Hibbert
Volume: 5 (1852-1853) Pages: 118-127, Letters written by William Bateman to his family in Macclesfield. View Volume

Elizabeth Gaskell and the cotton famine in Manchester: Some unpublished letters
Author: H. W. McCready
Volume: 123 (1971-0) Pages: 144-150, View Volume

Extracts from the commonplace-books of the Rev. Peter Walkden
Author: J. Bromley
Volume: 37 (1885-0) Pages: 117-140, Includes transcripts of letters. View Volume

Fresh light on the Liverpool election of 1670. From original letters of the Moore family recently acquired by the Liverpool Public Library
Author: E. B. Saxton
Volume: 93 (1941-0) Pages: 54-68, View Volume

Glimpses of life in Liverpool during the reign of George IV
Author: L. Hall
Volume: 92 (1940-0) Pages: 57-76, Extracts from letters of the Holt family. View Volume

Inedited letters of Cromwell, Colonel James Bradshaw and other regicides
Author: J. Mayer
Volume: 13 (1860-1861) Pages: 177-300, illus. View Volume

Lancashire mortuary letters, 1666-1672, from the Crosby records
Author: T. E. Gibson
Volume: 36 (1884-0) Pages: 33-52, Letters written by William Blundell to Laurence Ireland of Lydiate. View Volume

Life in east Lancashire, 1856-60: A newly discovered diary of John O'Neil (John Ward), weaver, of Clitheroe
Author: M. Brigg
Volume: 120 (1968-0) Pages: 87-133, illus. View Volume

On some unpublished letters of Dr. Franklin. [Summary of the paper]
Author: P. M. Dove
Volume: 8 (1855-1856) Pages: 235-0, View Volume

Railway construction in mid-nineteenth century north Lancashire: A study based on the diary of James Stelfox 1855-70
Author: P. J. Gooderson
Volume: 122 (1970-0) Pages: 137-151, map, table. View Volume

Sir Roger Bradshaigh's letter-book
Volume: 63 (1911-0) Pages: 120-173, View Volume

The early history of Manchester College
Author: G. M. Ditchfield
Volume: 123 (1971-0) Pages: 81-104, The College was a dissenting academy to give a general education to lay students and to train ministers. The article considers the diary of Samuel Pipe-Wolferstan of Staffordshire, whose son was a pupil. View Volume

The late Mr. Elmes and St. George's Hall
Author: J. T. Kilpin
Volume: 21 (1868-1869) Pages: 233-252, Includes correspondence with R. Rawlinson. View Volume

The letter book of Benjamin Satterthwaite of Lancaster, 1737-1744
Author: M. M. Schofield
Volume: 113 (1961-0) Pages: 125-167, pedigrees. Relates to trading between Lancaster and Barbados. View Volume

The 'Progress' of the Duke of Monmouth in Cheshire, in September, 1682
Author: J. P. Earwaker
Volume: 46 (1894-0) Pages: 71-96, Includes transcripts of correspondence. The Duke was particularly associated with late 17th century Protestantism.

The rural life of a Lancashire minister 150 years ago
Author: James Bromley
Volume: 32 (1879-1880) Pages: 117-142, The diaries of Peter Walkden. View Volume

The early of Derby and the Isle of Man, 1643-1651
Author: J. R. Dickinson
Volume: 141 (1992-0) Pages: 39-76, View Volume

Note on William Hutchinson
Author: Dickinson, R.
Volume: 102 (1950-0) Pages: 194-0, William Hutchinson was a Liverpool privateer and dockmaster. View Volume

Private enterprise in nineteenth-century Widnes
Author: R. Dickinson
Volume: 110 (1958-0) Pages: 177-182, Includes 'The Widnes Temperance Hall Company', by R. Dickinson. View Volume

Carls. In Stray notes
Author: Diet, FOOD AND DRINK
Volume: 71 (1919-0) Pages: 91-0, Baked peas called 'carls'. View Volume

Early coffee houses of Liverpool
Author: A. H. Arkle
Volume: 64 (1912-0) Pages: 1-16, illus. (front.). View Volume

Food and cooking of the working class about 1900
Author: E. M. Schofield
Volume: 123 (1971-0) Pages: 151-168, View Volume

Regulation of alehouses in Stuart Lancashire: An example of discretionary administration of the law
Author: W. J. King
Volume: 129 (1980-0) Pages: 31-46, View Volume

Soul cakes. In Stray notes
Author: Diet, FOOD AND DRINK
Volume: 71 (1919-0) Pages: 92-0, View Volume

Chester diocesan records and the local historian
Author: A. T. Thacker
Volume: 130 (1981-0) Pages: 149-185, View Volume

Lancashire ills, the king's will and the troubling of bishop Bridgeman
Author: B. W. Quintrell
Volume: 132 (1983-0) Pages: 67-102, View Volume

Revenues and disbursements of the bishops of Chester, 1754-1809
Author: J. H. E. Bennett
Volume: 98 (1946-0) Pages: 75-106, View Volume

Some notes on Hindley chappell [sic]
Author: W. A. Wickham
Volume: 62 (1910-0) Pages: 67-118, ports., plans. The portraits are of John Bridgeman, Nicholas Stratford and Francis Gastrell, all bishops of Chester. View Volume

The Archdeaconry of Richmond. In Stray notes
Volume: 65 (1913-0) Pages: 213-0, View Volume

Visitation of Warrington deanery by the bishop of Chester, in the year 1592
Author: W. F. Irvine
Volume: 46 (1894-0) Pages: 183-192,

History and curiosities of the Liverpool directory
Author: J. A. Picton
Volume: 29 (1876-1877) Pages: 9-32, View Volume

History of the Liverpool directories, 1766-1907
Author: G. T. Shaw
Volume: 58 (1906-0) Pages: 113-160, illus. (incl. port.), table. View Volume

John Gore: Publisher
Author: A. C. Wardle
Volume: 97 (1945-0) Pages: 223-224, Relates to Gore's Liverpool directory. View Volume

Liverpool in the reign of Queen Anne, 1705 and 1708. From a rate assessment book of the town and parish, giving one of the earliest known lists of inhabitants, with their respective holdings, according to streets
Author: H. Peet
Volume: 59 (1907-0) Pages: 3-177, illus., maps. Includes extensive transcripts. View Volume

Liverpool's second directory, 1767
Author: G. T. Shaw
Volume: 78 (1926-0) Pages: 147-213, illus. Includes transcript. View Volume

On a recent case in the court of probate
Author: D. Buxton
Volume: 14 (1861-1862) Pages: 117-128, A question of the competence of a deaf, dumb and blind person to make a will. View Volume

On some results of the census of the deaf and dumb in 1861
Author: D. Buxton
Volume: 17 (1864-1865) Pages: 231-248, tables. View Volume

On the education of the deaf and dumb in Lancashire and Cheshire
Author: D. Buxton
Volume: 6 (1853-1854) Pages: 91-102, illus. View Volume

Disley from chantry to parish: Sources for the history of Anglican chapels
Author: Wood, Jan
Volume: 151 (2002-0) Pages: 53-96,

Church expenditure two centuries ago; or, Ormskirk churchwarden's accounts, A. D. 1665-6
Author: Dixon, James
Volume: 30 (1877-1878) Pages: 169-178, View Volume

Extracts from the registers at Ormskirk church
Author: Dixon, James
Volume: 26 (1873-1874) Pages: 1-28, View Volume

Nathaniel Heywood, the nonconformist vicar of Ormskirk
Author: Dixon, James
Volume: 30 (1877-1878) Pages: 159-163, pedigree. View Volume

Notes on certain discoveries made during alterations at Ormskirk church
Author: Dixon, James
Volume: 30 (1877-1878) Pages: 141-150, illus. View Volume

Proceedings...[of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire]
Author: Dixon, James
Volume: 29 (1876-1877) Pages: 139-154, Includes 'Ormskirk market cross and wayside crosses in general', by James Dixon. View Volume

The burial list of the Ormskirk clergy and ministers
Author: Dixon, James
Volume: 19 (1866-1867) Pages: 125-138, Taken from the parish register. View Volume

Monumental brasses found at Preston
Author: Dobson, William
Volume: 8 (1855-1856) Pages: 247-248, View Volume

Liverpool Dock Buildings as Historical Evidence
Author: Jones, F. M.,
Volume: 118 (1966-0) Pages: 87-104, View Volume

Liverpool Docks and the Municipal Commissioners' Inquiry of 1833 for Liverpool
Author: Mountfield, A. S.,
Volume: 115 (1964-0) Pages: 163-174, View Volume

Bailey, Reginald Threlfall. [Obituary]
Volume: 84 (1932-0) Pages: 129-130, Dr. Bailey was a Liverpool medical doctor. View Volume

Henry Park, surgeon, and his register
Author: F. C. Beazley
Volume: 80 (1928-0) Pages: 5-7, illus. View Volume

Lancaster jottings. [3].
Volume: 67 (1915-0) Pages: 159-67, [4]. 69 (1917) pp. 91-6. Includes information on Dr. W. View Volume

Volume: 28 (1875-1876) Pages: 173-197, illus. Includes a memorial of the late Dr. Robson of Warrington's life and writings, by W. Robson and Dr. Kendrick. Dr. Robson was a medical doctor. View Volume

Lancashire and the Benedictines. (With subsequent additions by Joseph Gillow)
Author: Dolan, Dom. Gilbert
Volume: 49 (1897-0) Pages: 123-170, port. The portrait is of Father Ambrose Barlow. View Volume

Notes on the ancient religious houses of the County of Lancaster
Author: Dolan, Dom. Gilbert
Volume: 43 (1891-1892) Pages: 201-232,

Cheshire in Domesday Book
Author: J. Brownbill
Volume: 51 (1899-0) Pages: 1-26, map. View Volume

Herbert the Jerkin Maker: A Domesday Tenant Identified (Short Notes)
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 159-160, View Volume

On the Walintune of Domesday book
Author: John Robson, the late
Volume: 27 (1874-1875) Pages: 180-183, View Volume

The Cheshire landholdings of earl Morcar in 1066
Author: N. J. Higham
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 139-147, View Volume

The Domesday record of the land between Ribble and Mersey
Author: Rev. A. E. P. Gray
Volume: 39 (1887-0) Pages: 35-48, View Volume

The Domesday survey of south Lancashire
Author: J. H. Lumby
Volume: 52 (1900-0) Pages: 53-76, map. View Volume

Canting arms in Cheshire
Author: Dorling, E. E.
Volume: 64 (1912-0) Pages: 72-78, illus. View Volume

The heraldry of the font at Holt
Author: Dorling, E. E.
Volume: 60 (1908-0) Pages: 97-104, illus. View Volume

Four eighteenth century buildings at Halton
Author: R. G. Dottie
Volume: 135 (1986-0) Pages: 37-60,

Roy George Dottie. [Obituary]
Author: J. Kermode
Volume: 136 (1987-0) Pages: 171-172, View Volume

The monumental brass of William Lathom, 1532
Author: P. Nelson
Volume: 78 (1926-0) Pages: 1-2, front. The brass was formerly in Douglas chapel, Parbold. View Volume

Notes on some of the places, traditions, and folk-lore of the Douglas valley
Author: W. F. Price
Volume: 51 (1899-0) Pages: 181-220, illus., map. Includes information on old halls and farmhouses. View Volume

On some unpublished letters of Dr. Franklin. [Summary of the paper]
Author: Dove, Percy M.
Volume: 8 (1855-1856) Pages: 235-0, View Volume

Notes on North Meols
Author: F. H. Cheetham
Volume: 76 (1924-0) Pages: 71-90, illus., plan. Includes information on North Meols Hall and dove house. View Volume

[Liverpool theatres]. In Stray notes
Volume: 95 (1943-0) Pages: 147-151, View Volume

A masque at Knowsley
Author: R. J. Broadbent
Volume: 77 (1925-0) Pages: 1-16, View Volume

Archaeology in the Mersey district, 1872, and Liverpool notabilia
Author: H. E. Smith
Volume: 25 (1872-1873) Pages: 113-152, illus., pedigree. Includes information on the Theatre Royal, Liverpool. View Volume

Chester's mystery cycle and the 'mystery' of the past
Author: A. D. Mills
Volume: 137 (1988-0) Pages: 1-23, View Volume

Dramatic places of amusement in Liverpool a century ago
Author: J. Stonehouse
Volume: 5 (1852-1853) Pages: 192-196, illus., plan. View Volume

Liverpool's first Theatre Royal
Author: A. C. Wardle
Volume: 90 (1938-0) Pages: 207-209, View Volume

The Chester mystery plays
Author: G. W. Godfrey
Volume: 76 (1924-0) Pages: 147-218, illus. View Volume

Theatre as a weapon? The emergence of left theatre on Merseyside
Author: M. Jones
Volume: 138 (1989-0) Pages: 201-217, View Volume

Wirral records of the 17th century
Author: F. C. Beazley
Volume: 77 (1925-0) Pages: 76-114, Information on churches, monuments, pedigrees and Dugdale's heraldic visitation of Wirral in 1663-4. A further note appears in 78 (1926) p. 144. View Volume

Extracts from the registers of the nonconformist chapel, Dukinfield, kept by the Rev. Samuel Angier, 1677 to 1713
Author: J. P. Earwaker
Volume: 33 (1880-1881) Pages: 169-194, View Volume

Two fifteenth-century kinsmen. John Shaw of Dukinfield, mercer, and William Shaw of Heath Charnock, surgeon
Author: R. C. Shaw
Volume: 110 (1958-0) Pages: 15-30, illus. View Volume

Duncan and the cholera test: Public health in mid nineteenth century Liverpool
Author: G. Kearns, P. Laxton and J. Campbell
Volume: 143 (1994-0) Pages: 87-115, tables, diag. View Volume

Author: Dunlop, Gavin Alfred
Volume: 84 (1932-0) Pages: 127-128, G. A. Dunlop was curator of the Warrington Museum. View Volume

The Roman road from Newton Brook to the south of the parish church, Warrington.
Author: G. A. Dunlop...and Colonel B. Fairclough
Volume: 85 (1933-0) Pages: 99-130, An account of the investigation carried through by G. A. Dunlop...and Colonel B. Faircloughillus., plans. The illustrations and plans are at the back of the volume. View Volume

The township papers of Great Sankey, Lancashire
Author: G. A. Dunlop and E. H. Rideout
Volume: 84 (1932-0) Pages: 91-125, tables. View Volume

A surfeit of Liberals: \r\nThe Eddisbury by-election of April 1943.
Author: D. J. Dutton
Volume: 155 (2006-0) Pages: 121-138,

“A fallacy, a delusion and a snare”: arbitration and conciliation in the Preston strike, 1853-4
Author: H. I. Dutton and J. E. King
Volume: 131 (1982-0) Pages: 63-86, View Volume

Duxbury in decline: The fortunes of a landed estate, 1756-1932
Author: W. Walker
Volume: 140 (1991-0) Pages: 33-45, View Volume

The Irish Flood: famine, philanthropy, and the emergence of duelling Liverpool Catholic identities, 1845-1865
Author: Ryan Dye
Volume: 150 (2001-0) Pages: 97-120,